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Use the Amazing Science of Quantum Physics to Inject Your Weight-Loss with Rocket Fuel!

  This blog is about using the revolutionary science of quantum physics to form new paradigms which will launch you toward success in almost anything you’re doing quicker than you thought possible.

Although I’ll discuss, explain, and welcome your comments about science, new paradigms, and your success in many different endeavors (teaching, romantic relationships, financial success, parenting, blending families, etc.), my new book is about losing unwanted weight.

Wait a Minute!  I Came Here to Lose Unwanted Weight, Pal!

So we’ll start with the theme of weight loss while I also explore the parameters of quantum physics (you won’t be bored, I promise!) and paradigm change (ditto about not being bored).

Weight loss and quantum physics – why should you even care about this topic?

You should and here’s why:

Modern diets and exercise plans are based on old, less accurate science. Science that is only partially reliable, at best. The science upon which diets and exercise programs are based is about taking an action and receiving predictable results from that action.

Well, Now All You’ve Done is Tell Me What DOESN’T Work…What About What DOES Work?

We now have new science which teaches us that this is not really how any goal is finally achieved; this is not how our universe really functions.

But, until now, this new science hadn’t begun to make its way into the field of weight loss.

The old science, on which all standard diets and exercise programs still are based, has been replaced with an infinitely more reliable and accurate one- quantum physics. Quantum physics reveals to us, repeatedly in pinpoint detail, exactly how the universe really operates. And here’s one of the biggest revelations: we now realize that our universe is actually not action based. In fact, we now grasp that action is usually one of the least important components for achieving any desired result, including losing weight.

Oh.  You’ll Tell Me Later.  But in This Blog, Right?

I’ll soon reveal why the old science doesn’t work.  And why the new science does.  And, of course, how to use the new science to lose your unwanted weight.

And, eventually, we’ll apply the new science to other topics, challenges, and issues you face.