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How to Solve The Number One Reason You’re Often Disappointed By Your Material Reality

Mirror_baby  Is your material reality a perfect mirror of what’s inside you?  Are your physical manifestations, your life experiences, a reflection of your insides?


I know there is good reason to doubt that statement.  Yet, allow me to elaborate.

  1. The quantum field of unformed particles (which are not particles at all, but mere potential until they are observed) has the potential to become, literally, anything.
  2. The quantum field of unformed particles responds to your expectations and forms what you expect.
  3. Your beliefs are the wellspring for all your expectations.
  4. Thus, all of your life experiences are mirror images of your beliefs.  Thus, they are mirror images of what’s  inside you.

“Just the Facts, Ma’am”

I believe I know the number one obstacle to embracing these facts.  And I do use the term “facts” intentionally because quantum physics shows this all to us very plainly.  And quantum physics is the most reliable, accurate body of science ever created.

The obstacle?  For me, the main obstacle stems from all of the unwanted things I experience in my daily life.  Doesn’t embracing these facts mean, then, that I am creating all that unwanted stuff?  That I am “responsible” for all the things that I don’t like?

But I counter that there is no reason to be so hard on ourselves.  Who among us has beliefs which are perfectly aligned with our desires?

While You May Not Believe These Things, Specifically, Don’t They Sound (and Feel) Familiar?

For example, haven’t you (like me) been shown and taught, throughout your life that:

  • To be desirable, you must look like those (airbrushed) models on magazine covers?
  • Money is the root of all evil and it’s greedy and wrong to want (and have) more than you need?
  • You are unacceptably imperfect on many levels, thus how could anyone really accept you on a deep level (and how would you even be worth such acceptance)?
  • Making mistakes is wrong and often means you’re a failure?

Any of those beliefs sound familiar to you?  Need I go on?

Don’t Be Discouraged; Those Facts Hold Your Ticket to Freedom (Rather a Reason to Beat Yourself Up)

Of course we all hold beliefs similar to those.  And they were taught, or imparted, to us by well-intentioned authority figures.  Often not explicitly, but through their actions and attitudes.

So, knowing the facts about how your material world is created, is it any wonder that you (like me) have plenty of life experiences that don’t measure up with your desires? (Click that link to Tweet it) Given the facts, how could we expect anything different?

Yet the good news is that these facts don’t need to lead us to self-incrimination, self-blame, or beating ourselves up.  No – these facts can allow us to focus on the one true solution to achieving our desires.

Which is:

Taking control of our beliefs; raising our beliefs to match our desires.  Changing our beliefs so that they are beliefs of our choosing, which serve  the attainment of our desires.  Because you (and I) have the freedom to do just that – starting right now!

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…


If I Can Do This, Believe Me, You Can Do Even Better!

  In 1996, when my first son was born, my weight had ballooned to about thirty pounds over what I weighed in college.  I was very unhappy about it.

And all this while I was trying lots of diets and exercising regularly.

Are We Simply Destined to Accept Our “Fate” and Fall Apart as We Age?

I had friends, my age and older, who implied that my weight gain was “just what happens to people as they get older”.  In other words, “Get used to it, Greg…there’s nothing you can do about it…it happens to everybody”.  I loved my friends, but I did not want to accept their advice!

I had been writing with my dad, Clifford Kuhn, M.D. (aka The Laugh Doctor) about humor and its role in healing, health, and personal productivity.  And I had just gotten tipped off on an amazing science called quantum physics.  So, instead of giving up and giving in, I became determined to research science and discover a way of living that would allow me to feel good about a healthy body.  Rather than find a “diet plan”, I made it my business to find a new way of life through quantum physics.

There Had to Be a Way and I Was Determined to Find It

And find it I did.  I wasn’t able to assemble all the pieces right off the bat; I ran into a lot of dead-ends and roadblocks along the way.  But at each “wrong turn” I redoubled my efforts and went back to my research into quantum physics.  Along the way I not only lost my unwanted weight and learned to keep it off with relatively little stress, but I also uncovered new paradigms from quantum physics upon which I now base my life.

And, oh, what a difference those new paradigms make!

That’s me in the photo, by the way, watching my son jump into the pool.  No more spare tire and I’ve enjoyed my healthy body and desired weight now since 1997.  I’m 45 years old and, believe it or not, feel great about taking my shirt off at the pool!

You Know What Happens When You Change Your Beliefs?  You Start Seeing Yourself Differently and Your Capacity Grows!

A few years ago, I began to branch out as an author and write about these new paradigms.  My first book (the first in a series) uses these new paradigms from quantum physics to address the challenge of losing unwanted weight.  I am very excited that you are interested in this topic, and motivated to try these new paradigms in your life, because I know they will work for you too!

Why do I know this?  Because these paradigms are not based upon any pie-in-the-sky philosophies, nor are they based on a strict diet (because no diet will work forever).  These paradigms are based upon nothing less than the most accurate and reliable science ever created.

When you truly apply these paradigms, your failure to lose your unwanted weight will be as unnatural as the sun rising on the Western horizon.  That just can’t happen because its scientifically “impossible”!

Because, believe me, I am no master of will power and I am no more special than you.

Stay tuned to this blog for more advice, tips, and techniques…

Working Harder on Weight Loss Usually Means You Gain Even More

Would you like to see the proof that the old science, on which your current diet and exercise plans are based, is outdated and ineffective? See for yourself:

Year U.S. Spending on Weight Loss U.S. Obesity Rates
1992 $30 Billion 37 States 10% – 14% Obese
7 States 15% – 19% Obese
2004 $46 Billion 7 States 15% – 19% Obese
33 States 20% – 24% Obese
10 States 25% – 29% Obese
2007 $55 Billion 1 State 15% – 19% Obese
16 States 20% – 24% Obese
30 States 25% – 29% Obese
3 States Over 30% Obese
2010 $60 Billion 13 States 20% – 24% Obese
24 States 25% – 29% Obese
13 States Over 30% Obese

These statistics are from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Marketdata, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Do you see the insane correlation between our ever-rising spending on weight loss and our super-expanding percentage of obesity? The more we spend on weight loss, the fatter we are becoming! In black and white like this, isn’t it easy to see how our outdated weight loss plans, based on inaccurate science, need to be replaced?

The proof is right here. It’s not “you”; the old science doesn’t work!

Why Playing Dominos Can Keep You From Achieving Your Goal(s)

  If you’ve identified yourself as someone who will benefit from a paradigm change (see my last blog entry), let’s take a moment to examine your current paradigms which are causing you to not attain nor achieve your goal(s) – such as, but not limited to weight loss.

I Thought I Was Done With All This Stuff When I Graduated from High School!

If you remember, the science of the first scientific revolution determined the following about our universe:

  • Each “thing” (including the universe itself) is made of smaller parts with predictable functions.
  • For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  • The observer and the observed are two separate things.
  • Things occur in a logical, linear fashion.

From these “facts” (hint, hint…you’ll soon learn how quantum physics has re-written these rules), paradigms were created that, unless you choose to objectively examine/change them, form your complete world view.  These paradigms form the fishbowl in which you swim, so to speak.

Here’s the Reason I Risked Putting You To Sleep Just Now

The predominant paradigms which are the most common culprits for keeping you from achieving your goal(s) are:

  1. The machine paradigm – This paradigm can also be called “deconstructive” because it forces us to view ourselves and everything in our world as machines with smaller parts.  In this paradigm, we see the ourselves, and everything else, as comprised of smaller “parts” whose sole function is to make the larger “machine” function.  Within this paradigm, if we want the larger “machine” to function better all we need to do is “fix” it’s parts.
  2. The action paradigm – This paradigm states that action is the single most important component in changing, or having an effect, on anything.  If we want something to be different, this paradigm tells us that we must focus on actions to alter it.  Without action there is no effect upon the world (or ourselves).
  3. The detached observer paradigm – This paradigm tells us that we are non-involved observers of all we see unfolding in front of us.  Think of the stereotypical scientist observing an experiment and taking notes and you’ve got a good idea of what this paradigm teaches us.  You are a passive “viewer” and everything which occurs around you is a “movie” that you have no part in making (unless you get directly involved by taking action).
  4. The logic paradigm – This paradigm teaches us to expect a logical order of events to occur when we take specific action(s).  Think of a line of dominos, placed on end; when the first domino is pushed a chain reaction is triggered which topples each one in order.  When you take an action you can expect a logical result to follow and, similarly, you can trace actions backwards to discover the root cause of anything.

These ideas sound very familiar to you, do they not?

These Are All the Ideas Our Lives Have Been Based On; They’re Why We Do What We Do

You undoubtedly believe these things and you should (until you learn differently) because these have been the paradigms of the Western, industrialized world.  You were taught these paradigms, sometimes explicitly and someones subliminally, by well-intentioned people who also believed them and based their lives upon them.  And you adopted them because that’s what everyone else does!

But what if I told that the science those paradigms were built from is not an accurate explanation of how our universe works?

And, if that last statement is true (and it is), is it not easy to see that the paradigms built from that science would not be accurate either?  And, since they are not accurate, isn’t is easy to see why those paradigms are not the most effective “fishbowls” in which to live?  Isn’t easy to envision that if the rules of those paradigms are not accurate, they might have been failing you?

It’s Time to Put Down Your Bat and Grab a Basketball!

Almost like you’ve been trying to play a game of basketball – using the rules, equipment, and playing field of baseball?

If you have experienced frustration and even feelings of failure because you’ve been unable to realize your goal(s), despite your best intentions and hard work, you have great news coming.  You no longer have to ineffectively spin your wheels within your old “fishbowls” because the science of the second scientific revolution, quantum physics provides us with new paradigms that are infinitely more accurate and aligned with how the universe really works!

In my next blog post, we’ll start to look at the science of the second scientific revolution and begin examining how you can use it (and the new paradigms to which it gives birth) to finally start achieving your elusive goal(s)…

Why You Should Take “Earth Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits” Off Your iTunes

    Before the Scientific Revolution the following were known scientific “facts”:

  • All of existence was a moment-to-moment, renewable miracle, and God’s divine power was the one and only cause or explanation for any of it.
  • There were only four elements on Earth, and all things here were made of them: air, fire, earth, and water.
  • Fire and air, being lightweight, naturally traveled upward, above the Earth, and combined to form a fifth element called aether.
  • Everything not on the Earth (stars, planets, moon, etc.) was made of aether.
  •  The Earth was the center of the universe; the Sun and the planets revolved around the Earth in epicycles.
  • The one and only cause of all planetary motion was God’s divine power.

Hey!  What About God?

Can we agree not to get into a debate about the “…God’s power…” portion of this list?

I trust it is sufficient to say that after the Scientific Revolution, even though many still believed in God and God’s power, people also acknowledged proven scientific facts that govern our natural world.  Forces and materials such as gravity, matter, elements, chemical reactions, and other verifiable phenomena became known, undisputed, and accepted as active agents in our universe.

So, the real reason, people began to discard their previous inaccurate beliefs was because of the new science which came from the Scientific Revolution.

What Did Science Say That Was So Juicy and Enticing?

And what did the science of the Scientific Revolution say?  Primarily:

  1. Each “thing” (including the universe itself) is made of smaller parts with predictable functions.  The smaller parts play roles in making the larger thing work.  That is their “job.”
  2.  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Every movement has a cause.  Every action is determined by something else exerting itself upon the thing that acted.
  3. The observer and the observed are two separate things.  A scientist, a teacher, a manager, an administrator, etc., are all distinct and separate observers of what they are observing or experimenting with.
  4. Things occur in a logical, linear fashion.  When a certain outcome occurs, you can always find the cause by tracing the multiplied effects backwards.  Action is like a row of dominoes falling after the first one gets pushed.

These four scientific facts (or “facts” as you’ll soon learn…hint, hint… in future posts) are the science you and I learned in our high school science classes.

What’s So Juicy and Enticing About Those Four Things?

These four scientific facts created new paradigms which began to govern people’s beliefs.  And these paradigms have been in place since the Scientific Revolution.

More about those paradigms soon (and why you should care about them)…

How to Stop Brushing Your Teeth with Puppy Urine

Do you believe any of the following:

  • Wrapping urine-soaked hose around your neck is a good way to fight off colds.
  • The planets move around in the “universal aether” because they are being pushed by angels.
  • Surgeons should carve holes in skulls to cure migraines, seizures, and mental illness.
  • Beaver testicles can be ground up and mixed with alcohol as a female contraceptive.
  • Mercury, a deadly poison, should be applied externally to cure wounds and consumed internally to cure a wide variety of ailments such as constipation.
  • Bad smells and malodorous vapors cause illness.
  • Women should rub puppy urine on their faces as a beauty treatment (and even brush their teeth with it).
  • Having sexual intercourse under an evergreen tree produces abundant and fertile harvests.

Of course not.  (Well…a few of my friends have tried to convince their spouses of the last one on that list, but they don’t really believe it themselves)

Now Hold On Just a Second There, Buddy!  I Happen to Like Puppy Urine!

But why don’t you believe any of those things?

Because they aren’t true, right?

But during the Middle Ages all of those things I listed were “true”.  Each of those beliefs were accepted as “true” by the vast majority of people.

I’d Like to Think I’m Smarter Than Someone From the Middle Ages.  I Am, Right?

Were the people of the Middle Ages stupid?  Were they primitive?  Gullible?  Naive?

Maybe, but no more than you and I are today.  The people of the Middle Ages believed those things because of their science.

Science creates our paradigms.  And our paradigms create our beliefs. (Click that link to Tweet it)

More later about Middle Age science and how people learned to stop brushing their teeth with puppy urine…

Use the Amazing Science of Quantum Physics to Inject Your Weight-Loss with Rocket Fuel!

  This blog is about using the revolutionary science of quantum physics to form new paradigms which will launch you toward success in almost anything you’re doing quicker than you thought possible.

Although I’ll discuss, explain, and welcome your comments about science, new paradigms, and your success in many different endeavors (teaching, romantic relationships, financial success, parenting, blending families, etc.), my new book is about losing unwanted weight.

Wait a Minute!  I Came Here to Lose Unwanted Weight, Pal!

So we’ll start with the theme of weight loss while I also explore the parameters of quantum physics (you won’t be bored, I promise!) and paradigm change (ditto about not being bored).

Weight loss and quantum physics – why should you even care about this topic?

You should and here’s why:

Modern diets and exercise plans are based on old, less accurate science. Science that is only partially reliable, at best. The science upon which diets and exercise programs are based is about taking an action and receiving predictable results from that action.

Well, Now All You’ve Done is Tell Me What DOESN’T Work…What About What DOES Work?

We now have new science which teaches us that this is not really how any goal is finally achieved; this is not how our universe really functions.

But, until now, this new science hadn’t begun to make its way into the field of weight loss.

The old science, on which all standard diets and exercise programs still are based, has been replaced with an infinitely more reliable and accurate one- quantum physics. Quantum physics reveals to us, repeatedly in pinpoint detail, exactly how the universe really operates. And here’s one of the biggest revelations: we now realize that our universe is actually not action based. In fact, we now grasp that action is usually one of the least important components for achieving any desired result, including losing weight.

Oh.  You’ll Tell Me Later.  But in This Blog, Right?

I’ll soon reveal why the old science doesn’t work.  And why the new science does.  And, of course, how to use the new science to lose your unwanted weight.

And, eventually, we’ll apply the new science to other topics, challenges, and issues you face.