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Thanksgiving Reminds Us of the Most Powerful Game We Can Ever Play

  On Thanksgiving we’re reminded to be grateful.  What a wonderful holiday.

Yet I often find that gratitude is one of the most underutilized, and most incredibly powerful tools, for changing our life and manifesting desirable experiences.

A New Car?  You Bet I’m Grateful!

Most of us can find gratitude for the “big” stuff – our spouse, children, the unexpected influx of cash, the promotion, etc.

But who made the rule that you can’t be grateful for anything?  Especially for the things you normally take for granted!  Just because you normally take something for granted, after all, doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of your gratitude!

Taking breaths, a functioning brain, sunshine, life in all its glorious abundance surrounding you, electricity, and your innate creativity are all examples of things you can feel grateful for right now.  If you choose to do so.

And I’ll add one more biggie (that we often take for granted): our unlimited potential to be amazing creators!  Even if you’re just learning to harness your awesome power or even if you don’t always use it to its fullest extent, why not choose to be grateful for this incredible ability you were born with?

Make A Game Out of It; See How Many Things You Can Find to Be Grateful For Today

The best thing about being grateful for something is, of course, that thing will grow and expand right before your eyes.  And when you’re feeling grateful for the “little” things (those things you normally take for granted), the massive power of gratitude’s energy will grow and expand other wonderful things in your life too.

Take a cue from our Thanksgiving holiday today and make it your business to find as many things as you can to be grateful for.  Make a game out of it and see just how many things you’ve overlooked that you can be grateful for.  You’ll be reminded, once again, just how empowering that state of being is for your creative abilities!

A Unique Interview This Monday…Please Tune In

On Monday, November 19th at 8 PM EST I’ll be the featured guest on Conversations Live, a radio program broadcast out of Washington D.C. with a history of a large listening audience.

I’ll be speaking with the host, Cyrus Webb, about my books, quantum physics, and how to change your life.

Please join us and I’ll be happy to send you a free copy of Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat if you’re one of the first five callers.

Tune In For Another Intriquing Interview and Win a Free Copy of My Book

I’m on the air again.

Please take some time tomorrow (November 11) to listen to Fat to Thin: Attract Ideal Weight with Zaheen Nanji.  The program/interview will take place at 6 PM EST.

It you call the show, let me know and I’ll send you a free copy of Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat

See you tomorrow!

What Is Your Best Advice For a Baby?

  If you were writing an instruction booklet for an unborn child, what would you include?

I’d be sure to let her know that she was pure energy before she materialized and she’ll return to pure energy when her time on Earth is over.  Everything in the middle of those two states is a gift that is given to her with no strings attached.

She can do as much or as little with her gift of physical existence.  There is no expectation nor requirement – there is nothing she needs do to “earn” her return to pure energy once this ride is done.  The only question for her will be how free does she want to be?

I’d also be sure to tell her that, although she won’t have control over what other people, places, and things do (to her and affecting her), but she will always have control over how she chooses to respond to other people, places, and things.  She’ll always have the gift of freedom concerning her state of mind, her state of being, and the meaning and value she assigns to the people, places, and things she encounters on her journey.

What would you share?

Put God on the Hot Seat

  When I was a child, I had a list of questions I wanted to ask God the moment I had the opportunity.

They included:

  1. Are UFOs real?
  2. Is Bigfoot real?
  3. Is the Loch Ness Monster real?
  4. What is the deal with the Bermuda Triangle?

As an adult, I have some different questions.  But, you know what?  I still count those as questions I’d like answers to.

What are your questions?  Fun or serious…