Five Free On-Line “Seminars”

  People have inquired with questions about my Why Quantum Physicists… book series and asked if I conduct seminars.  If you can’t attend a seminar, these interviews are like being at one.

1. If you’re not familiar with Cheryl Maloney and her amazing website Simple Steps, Real Change, you should be.  Cheryl is doing amazing work bringing people together with personal transformation experts and has also launched a beautiful magazine called Simple Steps Magazine (the subscription is free).
Our interview on Cheryl’s Simple Steps Real Change radio program (click on that link to go the recorded broadcast) was fun and in-depth, please give it a listen or download the podcast from iTunes if you prefer.

2. Lois Wetzel, author, past life expert, and law of attraction teacher extraordinaire, hosted me for a wonderful, fun, and enlightening hour on her radio program The Lois Wetzel Show (click on that link to go the recorded broadcast).  We chatted about the law of attraction, quantum physics, and living a life much more aligned with your dreams and goals.

3. I was a return guest on Laura Gevanter’s Life in the Present Tense (click on that link to go the recorded broadcast) to speak about quantum physics and the new paradigms we can glean from them to become more powerful creators of our own lives.

4. Listen and have more of your questions answered as I was a first-time guest on Laura’s show Life in the Present Tense (click on that link to go to the recorded broadcast) that you will also love listening to and will learn even more about the information you find in this blog and in Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat.  If you’re reading Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat (and if you’re not, why aren’t you?), I can’t recommend this interview highly enough.

5. If you are interested in more quantum physics, listen to this wonderful interview on The Matt and Phil LOA Show (click that link to go the recorded broadcast) that will teach you more about the information in this blog, with a focus on quantum physics.


2 responses to “Five Free On-Line “Seminars”

  1. Quantum Post, Greg! Thanks for the shout out for the Matt and Phil LOA Show. So glad you were able to get on with Phil, I will be sure to be there next time. You guys did a great job and I am looking forward to more collaboration! Best, Matt

  2. Matt, we missed you. Thanks for the compliment and I do look forward to seeing more of each other!