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Why You Probably Shouldn’t Look in the Mirror if You Want to Lose Your Unwanted Weight

  Quantum physics tells us that each observer has her own universe.  That’s meant to be taken literally , which means reality is completely subjective.

Reality is so subjective, in fact, that I’d be willing to bet that you have a different image of your body than almost everyone else does.

Some People’s Brains Play Horrible, Even Deadly, Tricks on Them

We’ve all heard about people who suffer from anorexia and, while I’m not qualified to speak definitely about that disorder, I do know that these folks see their body vastly differently than you and I would.  Where you and I might see a nice-looking man or woman, folks with anorexia look in the mirror and see an ugly, fat person.  Because that’s what she believes she looks like and that’s the unfortunate side of reality’s subjectivity.

And here’s where  “…each observer has her own universe…” becomes so important to embrace.  For that anorexic person I just described, since her body is ugly and fat to her, she doesn’t just “see” her body as ugly and fat, her body really is ugly and fat. To her.  But that’s all that matters, even when everyone else tells her that is it is not ugly and fat.  Because that is what she believes about her body that is her reality.

I certainly hope you don’t suffer from such a drastic body image incongruence, but I do know you have a body image of yourself that you see every time you look in the mirror.  We all do.  And that image has nothing to do with how your body “really looks”, because there is no such thing as how your body “really looks” except how you see itYour body image is your reality; you see what you believe.

How Your Body Image is Created By You and Is Yours Alone

And since what your body looks like (to you) is completely self-created, losing your unwanted weight is as much a journey to form a new body image as it is a journey to eat differently and exercise more often.  In other words, you can radically change your diet, eating only raw food like a rabbit, and also become the ultimate workout warrior, putting Jillian Michaels to shame, but without reforming your personal body image, you will still see that same overweight person when you look in the mirror.

Sound crazy?  If you believe that people with anorexia do this, isn’t it also easy to see that we all do the same thing?  We look in the mirror and we see what we believe we are.

You have unwanted weight and you’ve been eating better and exercising more often.  Yet your weight loss largely remains elusive.  You already know the reason – your body image, what you believe you look like, hasn’t changed and, until it does, all the lettuce and stairclimber workouts in the world won’t give you the body you desire.

Yikes!  Are You Sick and Tired of Seeing That Unwanted Body Staring Back at You in the Mirror Like I Was?

So what should you do, right now, to begin changing your body image?  Run, don’t walk, to Amazon to secure a copy of Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat.

And, in meantime, here is a “street level” tip that might sound elementary, but it is created straight from the amazing science of quantum physics and kick starts your mental evolution: Don’t ever look in the mirror (and assess your body) unless you feel good about yourself and your weight.

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips, techniques, and updates about using the phenomenal science of quantum physics to finally achieve your ideal body…

People Want to Know How to Use Quantum Physics to Lose Unwanted Weight

  Tracy Kauffman is a Christian author who specializes in Children’s and Young Adult Books. She has written: My Boyfriend the Squire, Southern Adventures, and Gwendolyn’s Wish.

Why am I talking about Tracy Kauffman?  It is not just because she is an author who has written three cool non-fiction books.

I am talking about Tracy Kauffman because she became interested in my new book, Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat and interviewed me on her author’s blog.  Please read the interview here and be kind enough to comment on her blog if you’re so inclined.

Because Tracy was interested in interviewing me, I’d like to ask you to investigate Tracy’s middle age/time travel/romance/adventure My Boyfriend the Squire and Tracy’s children’s book about a young girl who meets a special wish-granting friend Gwendolyn’s Wish.

Oh and, by the way, Tracy is a nice person and a talented storyteller.  Please pay her blog a visit and read my interview.

How You Can “Get Out of Jail” Today by Creating New, Better Feeling Stories About Unwanted Weight

  I’ve posted that nothing in life comes to us in a pre-existing state of “good” or “bad”.  It is the story we tell, or value we assign to it, which makes anything “good” or “bad” for us.

Even extra weight?  Am I claiming that even unwanted weight is neither “good” nor “bad”, except for the story we tell ourselves about it?

Yep.  I am.

Unwanted Weight Can Actually Be Thought of as Neither “Good” Nor “Bad”?  Isn’t That Heresy to Dieters?

Think of it this way: no pleasure is possible without first knowing pain.  Said another way, how would we know what we want, with a burning desire, without first knowing what we don’t want.

I know you may be scoffing at what you’ve just read.  It’s a radical notion to suggest that unwanted weight could possibly be “good”.  Or even to suggest merely that it might not be “bad”.  But hear me out.

You’re Already Telling Yourself Stories About (Giving Meaning To) Your Unwanted Weight…Why Insist Those Stories Must Be Painful?

You have unwanted weight.  That is the current state of your body.  And I’m not aware of any amount of wishing that will change that for you in this moment, nor am I aware of the location of any magic lamps containing genies to grant you three wishes to change it right now.

So, given that fact, which sounds like it will be more helpful in leading you toward finally losing your unwanted weight:

  1. Beating yourself up for having unwanted weight and calling it (and, perhaps, yourself) “bad” and “wrong”
  2. Finding ways to tell better feeling stories about your current state so that you are no longer berating yourself for your unwanted weight.

I suggest that the later is infinitely more positive and will lead to freedom, just for today, from the prison you sometimes feel your unwanted weight keeps you in.  I suggest that if you make feeling good about something you can’t change, in this instant, one of your top priorities, you will quickly feel the power of quantum physics and how it can help you change yourself for the better.

Wait a Minute?  You Mean I Can Change My Weight with Just My Mind?  How?

But I am not suggesting that you can say, right now, “I’m glad I have unwanted weight; I’m very happy to be carrying more weight than I want.”  That is silly, primarily because it is not realistic and you would never really believe it (even if you said it to yourself 100 times).

But can you tell yourself this story?  “I am not really happy about my unwanted weight, but I also know that this weight is not ‘who I am’ and it is only a temporary state.  I can also accept that the pain this unwanted weight has caused me might be exactly what I’ve needed to become willing to make changes, just for today.”

That is a realistic, believable story; you’re not sugar-coating the “truth” and you’re not lying to yourself.  You’re being honest about what you don’t want and you’re telling yourself a better-feeling story about it.  And I promise you that if you make it your business to tell better feeling stories, like the one you just read, about your unwanted weight (and yourself), you will be well underway to seeing your weight-loss efforts finally begin to have the positive effects you’ve been desiring!

Stay tuned to this blog for more tips about telling better stories and other ways to use quantum physics to find lasting weight loss.  And, if you’re serious about wanting to really delve into the amazing science of quantum physics, to experience weight loss in a way you’ve never imagined possible, make sure you read Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat right now!

How to Make Raw Vegetables Taste as Good as McDonald’s French Fries

  In my last blog entry I wrote about how the stories you tell yourself about every person, place, thing, or circumstance create their meaning and value to you.  The stories you tell about things make them “good” or “bad” for you.  Experiences do not come to you in a pre-existing state of “good” or “bad” (you get to decide). (Click that link to Tweet it)

Certainly there are people, places, things, and circumstances which are more challenging to label “good” (and, conversely, to label “bad”), but that does not mean the choice is still not yours to label them such.

I Tell Stories About My Food?  What Does This Mean, For a Person with Unwanted Weight?

So, when it comes to weight loss, what does this mean for you?  How can you lose more weight by using this knowledge?

Since it’s important to feel good about anything you do (if you want that action to have the desired positive impact), as a person who wishes to lose unwanted weight it’s important for you to begin telling yourself good-feeling stories about the actions you’re taking.  If you want those actions to have positive impact upon your weight-loss efforts, that is.

And I assume you do.  Otherwise, why would you undertake any weight-loss actions in the first place?

How to Change Your Stories and Make Carrots Taste as Good as French Fries (Eventually)

My best advice on this subject is not to try telling yourself unbelievably good-feeling stories to begin with.  Especially if you’ve been telling yourself bad-feeling stories about that action for a long while.

In other words, if you’ve been telling yourself bad-feeling stories about eating certain healthy foods (like, “Raw vegetables are kinda yucky…I really don’t like them.”), it will not be believable to start telling yourself, “I LOVE raw vegetables and I don’t even want to eat fried foods any more!”  That’s not realistic and won’t actually feel good to you (because you won’t really believe it).

Instead, simply choose a better feeling story to begin.  Such as “Even though I don’t really love the taste of raw vegetables (compared to fried food), I do enjoy the knowledge that I am loving my body by eating them and nourishing it in a very healthy way.”

You might even add something like, “And I can believe that, over time, I can learn to enjoy the taste of raw vegetables a lot more than I do now.  If I simply stick to eating them and telling myself these better-feeling stories about them (instead of the bad-feeling ones I had been telling myself)”.

How Long Do I Have to Wait Until Carrots Taste as Good as French Fries?

Try this technique today with some aspect of your weight-loss efforts and give yourself a few days before you make a judgment about its effectiveness.  I promise you that, given a little time, you will find yourself feeling better, more positive, about that action.  When you feel better about your actions, your results will be much more positive. (Click that link to Tweet it)

It’s the law of our universe.  Nothing less than quantum physics, the most precise and accurate science ever created, guarantees this for you!

And when you’re ready to take your storytelling to a new level, finally losing your unwanted weight by making full use of these techniques and more, make a small investment in yourself today.

Stay tuned for more tips and techniques about quantum physics and weight loss…

A Vacation Workout Your Kids Will Love Too

This is the workout I did on our vacation this summer.

The three boys’ parents were not happy.  I’m only kidding!  Those are three of my four sons.

What is your favorite workout?

Why a Moment of Feeling Like You’re Going to Vomit Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

  Here’s a specific weight loss action I’ve been taking for about six years.  I feel great about it, so it has a wonderfully positive effect upon my weight management.  I drink a gallon of water every day.

I Didn’t Need to “Keep My Ass Alive”, But I Did Want It To Stay Small

It started when a friend of mine showed me a book called “98 Degrees: Keeping Your Ass Alive”.  That book is about survival in extreme situations, but had something in it you might find interesting.

The author claimed that the only way to actually hydrate your body is to drink so much water, at one time, that you force your stomach to bypass digesting it and release it into your intestinal tract (where, he wrote, it is absorbed directly into your body).   He said that, to do this, you  drink water until you feel like throwing up (you’ll feel that way briefly, he said, until your stomach releases the water).

I can’t vouch for the medical/scientific accuracy of the author’s statements, but I can tell you that I was curious enough to try it.

You Seriously Chugged Water Like That?  Were You Crazy or Just Curious?

The very first time I did it (about six years ago) I experienced everything he described.  I could even clearly feel it when my stomach released the water into my intestines!

What I’ve found from following this practice is that my intestines get “flushed” on a daily basis.  I can also report that, since I’ve been doing this every day for the last six years, I have only been ill a few times (literally), my hair and nails grow faster, my urine is usually very clear (a sign of proper hydration), and I do not experience pangs of thirst during the day.  I’m convinced enough about the practice that it is a daily part of my weight loss “actions” (that I feel very good about – an important point!).

How I Keep the Louisville Water Company in Business

Yes, believe it or not, for the past six years, each day, I drink a gallon of water.  Every day, unless I’m stopped by unavoidable circumstances (I’ve even figured out ways to do it when making long car trips and don’t want to stop to pee every 40 minutes).  And I make a point to drink the gallon quickly, chugging at least a large portion of it to experience the “too full” phenomenon I described earlier.

I have greatly enjoyed the results – obviously enough to make the practice part of my everyday routine.  It’s a fairly non-invasive, easy-to-do part of my routine, too.  Each day I fill up a gallon jug and chug it.

Perhaps you might give this a try and see if you like the results too.  I just finished today’s gallon and I feel great!

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques about using quantum physics to finally lose your unwanted weight…

Why I Am Translating My Book From “English” Into “Meow”

This is our cat, Katie.  She got out of the house recently.  Our neighbor asked me yesterday (referring, of course, to Katie), “Do you guys have a large light brown cat…looks like she might be getting ready to have kittens…”  (Katie is not pregnant, by the way)

Katie needs to read Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat, but unfortunately (even though its written in plain, everyday language) she still can’t comprehend it!

I don’t know how long it will  take me to translate it for her.  But I’m working hard!

What do you think?  Does Katie need help?