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A Unique Interview This Monday…Please Tune In

On Monday, November 19th at 8 PM EST I’ll be the featured guest on Conversations Live, a radio program broadcast out of Washington D.C. with a history of a large listening audience.

I’ll be speaking with the host, Cyrus Webb, about my books, quantum physics, and how to change your life.

Please join us and I’ll be happy to send you a free copy of Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat if you’re one of the first five callers.

Tune In For Another Intriquing Interview and Win a Free Copy of My Book

I’m on the air again.

Please take some time tomorrow (November 11) to listen to Fat to Thin: Attract Ideal Weight with Zaheen Nanji.  The program/interview will take place at 6 PM EST.

It you call the show, let me know and I’ll send you a free copy of Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat

See you tomorrow!

Want to Elevate Your Mood With Music? Try This…

  Is your “light” on?  Are you awakened from a life of feeling like a victim to one where you are consciously influencing and creating your reality?  As is your birthright?

I write about new paradigms you can use to create your reality.  My first book is about creating your ideal body; my next one (due out later this year) will be applicable to almost any dream or goal you hold.

If you’re like me, and consciously influence and create your reality, you may find it helpful, as I do, to use tools to elevate your mind and inspire you. (Click that link to Tweet it) Music can be a powerful source of such motivation.  And here is one of my favorite songs to enhance your deliberate creation:

“Now It’s On” by Grandaddy

Bear in mind, I’m a rock music fan – particularly guitar-driven, indie rock and power pop.  Grandaddy, I’ve found, is a real mixed musical bag and “Now It’s On” is unique in their catalogue – it’s an uptempo power pop number that I believe you’ll love.

“Now It’s On” is first and foremost an upbeat song with peppy, driving rock structure.  Even without its lyrics, “Now It’s On” is a great “workout song” or mood and energy elevator.

But the lyrics of “Now It’s On” are what truly separates it from other songs I use to inspire my conscious creation.  It’s doesn’t take much insight to be inspired by these words, especially when sung as earnestly as they are here:

“I wouldn’t trade my place
I got no reason to be
Weathered and withering
Like in the season of the old me

Bust the lock off the front door
Once you’re outside you won’t want to hide anymore
Light the light on the front porch
Once it’s on you’ll never want to turn it off anymore

And now it’s on, now it’s on”

I catch myself soaring mentally, right along with Grandaddy, when I listen to “Now It’s On”.  See if you do the same.  And let me know which songs inspire you.

Why Using Quantum Physics Really is as Simple as it Sounds

  How could using quantum physics to lose unwanted weight sound so simple?  If it were truly so simple, wouldn’t more people be doing it?

Actually many are doing it intuitively.  While they might not articulate it, they are fortunate to innately understand and employ these new paradigms from quantum physics already.

But the main reason it sounds to simple is because it is so simple.  And there are three main reasons it is.

  • You’re already using quantum physics, just not to lose unwanted weight and have the body you desire.  You won’t be learning a completely new skill.
  • You’ve simply been using quantum physics in the “wrong direction”.  You’ve been employing these principles against you instead of to help you.
  • The way you use quantum physics to lose unwanted weight is exactly the same way you use it to manifest every other experience you have, every moment of every day.  Now you will simply be using quantum physics intentionally, rather than unconsciously.

When you learn to use quantum physics to lose unwanted weight, what you’re really doing is learning exactly how you’ve already been (and always will be) creating your physical reality.  All you’re going to learn is how you’ve been doing that and how to do it intentionally.  You will  now be in control of the creation of your physical reality, rather than feeling like you’re at the mercy of forces beyond your control.

And stay tuned to this blog for more information about using quantum physics…

Greg’s Daily-Double Interview Itinerary

  Today, September 3rd, I was  an honored guest of WHAS Television’s Great Day Live! program.  Terry Meiners and Rachel Platt were very kind hosts and I can tell you that this show is first class all the way.  Check out the almost five minutes they gave me and Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat.

Greg Kuhn on Great Day Live!

In other interview news, this Wednesday, September 5th, I will be the guest on Laura Gevanter’s radio show, Life in the Present Tense.  Laura is a good friend, a psychologist, life coach, law of attraction coach, and (of course) a radio host – who also conducts workshops at Gurney’s Resort Spa in Montauk, NY in her spare time.

I hope you will join us this Wednesday at 3 PM!

Additionally, don’t forget to check out Laura’s (and my good friend Matthew O’Grady’s) LOA Mastermind Program.

And stay tuned to this blog for more information about using quantum physics to create your new life…


How Arnold Schwarzenneger Became a Weight-Loss Guru with One Simple Statement

  When you move your body, what do you think about?

Does that sound like a silly question?  Maybe you’ve never thought about such a concept.  Yet, if you’re not purposely thinking the right thoughts, you’re wasting a precious opportunity.

Quantum physics tells us that the outer world (what we see) is created by our inner world (how we feel).  (Click that link to Tweet it) What we believe is what we see and what we focus on is what we get more of.  So, given that knowledge, doesn’t it make sense that if you focus on the right things when you’re moving, you’ll see better results?

Why “I’ll Be Back” Should Be The Title of Arnold’s Self-Help Book

Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he was winning “Mr. Olympia” world titles, said that people who want to grow their muscles should be flexing them at all times.  I believe Schwarzenegger was unwittingly making reference to the quantum concept that what we focus on grows.  I realize that, logically, his statement can be explained by saying that if you flex your muscles their fibers will be stretched as they fill with blood – which will make them grow.  That is the physical explanation, and, yet, the quantum explanation also applies.

You’ve probably never thought of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a quantum physics expert, yet I suggest you take Arnold’s suggestion to heart. (Click that link to Tweet it) Because, as I’ve explained, he is correct in more ways than one.

How to Coax and Encourage Your Muscles for Maximum Efficiency

When you are moving your body, focus on the muscles you’re using.  Your hamstrings, your thighs, your calves, your buttocks, etc. are all working – focus on them and flex them as you move.  Imagine them growing stronger as you use them and they will.

The same goes for your abdominal muscles, your chest, your shoulders, your biceps, your forearms, and so on.  Flex them when you use them.  Focus on them.  Imagine them growing stronger with use.

And don’t just focus on them and flex them; send loving encouraging thoughts to them.  Literally.

Why You Aren’t a Machine and Should Never Treat Your Body Like It’s Broken

Remember that your body is not a machine; holism has replaced the machine paradigm.  We now know that your body’s systems (like your muscles) are more like independent entities, free-agents if you will, who are all voluntarily cooperating to make the larger unit (the total, physical “you”) work.  So don’t ever scold your muscles or berate them with your thoughts – love them, uplift them, and encourage them with your thoughts. (Click that link to Tweet it)

In addition to focusing on them and flexing them.

This concept, by the way, applies to simply walking to your office, walking up the stairs in your home, carrying in your groceries, vacuuming your home, etc.  Just as much as when you’re walking, jogging, lifting weights, or doing any other type of workout.

What Happens If You Try These Techniques Today?

These techniques, remember, are based on hard, scientific data.  Not it- sounds-good, I-hope-it-works philosophy.  And, since you’re going to be walking, lifting things, and otherwise using your muscles all day, every day, anyway – why not try it and see what happens?

I can tell you what you’ll find.  Your body will improve through the process (for many reasons).  I guarantee it.

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques for using quantum physics to finally lose your unwanted weight…

The Other Reason I’m Translating My Book From “English” to “Meow”

This is our other cat, Justice.  He is not quite as big as Katie.

But, as you can see, Justice is not big on being active (he actually sits like this, of his own accord, all the time).

I’m hoping that he can read my book, once it’s translated.

What do you think?  Does Justice need help?