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How to Control the Weather

Sunny Day  You are an immensely powerful creator.  But can you control the weather?

Sort of.  And, also, “yes”.

Are You a Weather Wizard?

Sort of?  I don’t believe you can reliably and repeatedly make it rain or make the sun shine on command.  Yes, you do create your material world through your observations (and, more importantly, your expectations),.  But I don’t believe you have such an immediate authority over the weather outside.

Yes?  I do believe that you can, however, assign any meaning you choose to the weather you encounter today.  How does that count as a “Yes, you can control the weather”?  Keep reading.

What Will the Sunshine Really Do For You?  An Important Question for Deliberate Creators

Think for a moment about why you would want the sun to shine on a cloudy day.  Because of what it would allow you do, right?  Enjoy the outdoors, play outside, brighten your mood, garden, golf, etc.

But dig deeper about why you would want the sun to shine on a cloudy day.  Isn’t the deepest reason because of how it would make you feel?  And how the activities the sunshine would allow would make you feel?  Happy, uplifted, joyous, free, open, spontaneous, etc.?

Me. too.

So…what if you decided to feel those feelings the sunshine would give you – right now?  Regardless of the clouds, the gloom, the rain, or the grey overcast?

How You’re Actually More Powerful Than the Weather You See Outside Your Window

Wouldn’t feeling those “sunshine feelings”, regardless of the clouds, make you more powerful than the actual weather?  Wouldn’t that remove the power the current weather holds over your state of being?  Wouldn’t that decision, in actual practice, make you the master of the weather – wresting back control over your state of being?

So, in this way, isn’t it true to say that you are, in fact, capable of creating your own, personal “weather”?  So, yes, you can control the weather!

And, with practice, I’ll bet you a copy of my new book that you’ll find that adopting the practice of creating your own, personal sunshine (in this manner) also prompts the “actual” sun to shine through the clouds.  Just for you!  The universe listens and responds to your feelings and the beliefs which drive them. (Click that link to Tweet it)

And stay tuned to this blog for my techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics…


Who Made Me Sick?

Common cold  I’ve had a cold this week.  (Cue the violins)  Actually a relatively bad cold.

Today, as I’m taking my first true day of resting to recover (my oldest son’s high school bowling team played for the state championship yesterday, but lost, while my second oldest son qualified for the KY state wrestling finals yesterday – I didn’t choose to miss those two events), I’m reflecting on what being sick means.

Am I Responsible for the Bad Things That Happen to Me?

As someone who firmly believes that my outside reality is created by by internal belief system, did I “want” to be sick?  And that leads to a larger question: do I “make” bad things happen to me?

With a resounding “no”, I want to firmly state that I do not believe that we “make” bad things happen to us.  First of all, what good will come from such a belief?  Only self-blame and beating myself up.

Secondly, new paradigms from quantum physics do not cue us to blame ourselves for our misfortunes. (Click on that link to Tweet it) Rather, they allow us to take responsibility for how we frame our unwanted events and how we move forward productively from that point forward.

My Story About Being Sick

I do believe that my sickness is a physical response to my energy.  Perhaps I allowed too much stress to accumulate.  Perhaps my body just said, “Greg, you need some rest”.  Whatever the reason, it is what it is.

What I can do, however, is listen to my body and accept that it’s okay to take a break and recover physically.  And, by accepting it, I can make sure that I don’t make matters worse, I can move on, and I can take better care of my body moving forward.

And, actually, with a better-feeling story, I can enjoy the opportunity to take a break and rest.

We don’t make the unwanted things happen.  And we do have freedom to tell our own story about them – one that doesn’t make us feel like a failure and lower our self-worth. (Click that link to Tweet it) I hope you are doing the same today with any unwanted experiences you’re having.

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to improve your life…

How to Change Your Life with One Turn of a Phrase

Clapping Hands  Want a simple, yet immensely powerful, way to employ the new paradigms of quantum physics in your life?  Right now?

Try this today.  Every time you criticize (in your head or out loud), stop and replace that criticism with praise. (Click that link to Tweet it)

It doesn’t matter if you’ve uttered the criticism already; stop yourself, correct yourself (without beating yourself up), and replace that criticism with some kind of legitimate praise.

What will happen?  You’ll change your focus from what you don’t want, don’t like, and don’t have.  And, instead, you’ll be appreciating the appearance of what you want and like through other people, places, and things.

And what you focus on is what grows!

Try this trick today and, if it doesn’t make a dramatic difference in your life, come back here and tell me.  I’ll send you both of my books for free!

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips about using new paradigms from quantum physics…

Kimberly Ferrari is Worth Checking Out For Weight Loss Assistance

   Image  I met Kimberly Ferrari last August and we both agreed on the others’ value.  We just couldn’t decide on who was the better judge of character.  😉

Kim was excited enough to interview me about weight loss and quantum physics – a topic I always enjoy discussing!

Please check out our discussion here at her website

And, if you’re looking for a new wrinkle to your weight loss efforts, you won’t find a more open and nurturing person than Kim.  The rest of her website is worth your checking out too (not just our conversation).

Stay tuned to this blog for more about how to create your own reality using new paradigms from quantum physics.

Watch a Cool Television Interview

radio3  I gave a cool television interview last Sunday, January 6th. I was on Today in WAVE Country, with Dawne Gee.

Check it out here.

Also stay tuned for an awesome giveaway for my new book.  My latest book, Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail, is out now.

A Unique Interview This Monday…Please Tune In

On Monday, November 19th at 8 PM EST I’ll be the featured guest on Conversations Live, a radio program broadcast out of Washington D.C. with a history of a large listening audience.

I’ll be speaking with the host, Cyrus Webb, about my books, quantum physics, and how to change your life.

Please join us and I’ll be happy to send you a free copy of Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat if you’re one of the first five callers.

You’ve Been “Channeling” All the Time and Didn’t Even Realize It

  Some of my first forays into learning to create my own reality was through reading “channeled” books by Esther Hicks.  I almost didn’t read Ask and It is Given, though, because Esther Hicks wrote that she was channeling a non-physical entity called Abraham.  Channeling sounded too “out there” for me and, to be honest, the only reason I read it was because Wayne Dyer wrote the forward and I admire Dr. Dyer very much.

I love Ask and It is Given and I’m glad I read it.  Of course, my own writing about creating a reality to better match your desires is inspired by quantum physics, but the Hicks and others who channel (like the Seth books, for example) are, in my experience, teaching accurate things.  At least from what I’ve read thus far.

I Don’t Call it Abraham, But I Access What I Believe to Be the Same Source of Inspiration

Since that time I have come to my own understanding of channeling and I’m here to tell you that I think the concept is something we can address and explain scientifically.  In fact, I believe we all channel every day; channeling is actually not some paranormal or mystical idea.

In my soon-to-be released new book, I specifically teach about fully engaging something psychologists have been writing about since the late 1960’s which I believe explains channeling.  It is called the precognitive moment and the precognitive moment is a measurable fraction of a second between the time we place our awareness on the quantum field of unformed sub-atomic particles and the time our neural patterns of habitual thought kick in and command the quantum field to form our material reality from the quantum field.

It is during this precognitive moment that we have true access to amazing freedom, abundant creativity, and unlimited possibilities because during this fraction of a second we actually have access to the quantum field of unformed particles (and those characteristics I just listed are all qualities of the quantum field).

Stephen King is a Channeler?

I now understand that the precognitive moment is where any creative process is found and it’s the source of all of our creative “juice”.  Artists, writers, thinkers, dreamers, etc. are all tapped into this resource, whether consciously or not.  And I firmly believe that a more practiced access to the quantum field is what is happening for people who “channel”.

In fact, when I am “in the zone” while writing, I often feel that my words are coming to me from a source other than my normal neural patterns of habitual thought – from the precognitive moment.  I get the sensation that my hands have become a conduit for the energy of unlimited potential of the quantum field.  Am I channeling?  I don’t call it that, but I believe I (like anyone else) am experiencing the same phenomenon that channelers are describing.

You Can Learn to Lose Yourself and Find Your Greatest Source of Creativity

And I know you experience this phenomenon too.  Any time you lose yourself in something you are doing, you, too, are fully engaged in the precognitive moment and are also doing what someone might call channeling.  You just probably don’t label it as such.

The best news is that access to the precognitive moment is something that you can strengthen with practice.  I teach you how to do that in Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat and, also, in my new, soon-to-be-released book.

And stay tuned to this blog for more information about how to use quantum physics to deliberately create a better material reality for yourself…