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Listen For Free This Sunday as Greg Discusses Reality and Your Power to Create It

Image  This Sunday, October 7th at 3 PM EST, authors Greg Kuhn will appear on the well-known radio Program, Litopia After Dark.

Kuhn will discuss the very nature of reality and how it is created.  Tune in to learn more about your power to deliberately create your life experiences so that they are more closely aligned with your desires.

About Litopia After Dark:

“This is the show that started it all!

Four years ago, we thought it would be fun to assemble an eclectic crowd of writers from all over the world to create a virtual literary salon.

Today, Litopia After Dark provides essential creative sustenance for tens of thousands of listeners across the globe.

No topic is off limits.

We can leap from the bookish to the bawdy in a single bound.  We frequently raise issues months before “old media” discovers them.   And our aim is to keep you informed, in the know… and in stitches.

And most of the time, our listeners say we succeed!”