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Why Using Quantum Physics Really is as Simple as it Sounds

  How could using quantum physics to lose unwanted weight sound so simple?  If it were truly so simple, wouldn’t more people be doing it?

Actually many are doing it intuitively.  While they might not articulate it, they are fortunate to innately understand and employ these new paradigms from quantum physics already.

But the main reason it sounds to simple is because it is so simple.  And there are three main reasons it is.

  • You’re already using quantum physics, just not to lose unwanted weight and have the body you desire.  You won’t be learning a completely new skill.
  • You’ve simply been using quantum physics in the “wrong direction”.  You’ve been employing these principles against you instead of to help you.
  • The way you use quantum physics to lose unwanted weight is exactly the same way you use it to manifest every other experience you have, every moment of every day.  Now you will simply be using quantum physics intentionally, rather than unconsciously.

When you learn to use quantum physics to lose unwanted weight, what you’re really doing is learning exactly how you’ve already been (and always will be) creating your physical reality.  All you’re going to learn is how you’ve been doing that and how to do it intentionally.  You will  now be in control of the creation of your physical reality, rather than feeling like you’re at the mercy of forces beyond your control.

And stay tuned to this blog for more information about using quantum physics…


Why Your Scale Can Be a Worse Enemy to Your Body Than a Super-Sized Trip to McDonald’s

  Throw away your scale?  Why would anyone who wants to lose unwanted weight do such a thing?  Sounds crazy, right?

Maybe not.

My Enemy – My Scale

When I began my journey to lose my unwanted weight, using quantum physics, in 1996 my scale was my enemy.  Perhaps you can relate.  I hated my scale – because every time I got on it, it told me something that didn’t feel good!

In fact, my whole “fat” life, my scale almost always told me what I didn’t want to see.  Even when I was dieting.  Even when I was working out.  Oh sure, there were times where I lost some weight and I was happy.  But, always, given enough time, that scale would once again show me numbers that confirmed that I weighed more than I wanted!

I know what you’re thinking: “Greg, that scale didn’t make you overweight.  That’s not even logical.  The scale was only reflecting the reality that you were overweight; the scale was only the tool that told you how things really were.”

Why Your Scale May Not Be the Friend and Ally You Think It Is

And I’ll counter with these answers.

First of all, we now know know that our universe is not logical in how it functions.  So, when it comes to losing unwanted weight, quantum physics says you can all but throw logic out the window.  After all, what has counting on logic gotten you thus far (except more unwanted weight)!

Second, we now know that there is no such thing as objective reality.  Reality is subjective; quantum physics teaches us that each observer sees her own universe.  Reality does not await our discovery in a pre-determined state.  We create our reality by putting our observations (and, more importantly, our expectations) on the quantum field of sub-atomic particles.

Third, we now know that our outer world, what we see, is nothing more than a reflection of our inner world, how we feel.  Quantum physics teaches us that how we feel always trumps what we do; even the “best” weight-loss actions will not counter how we feel about those actions (and ourselves).

Everything you just read, by the way, is pure, scientific fact.  Not pie-in-the-sky, gee-wouldn’t-it-be-nice-if-it-were-true philosophy.

So, given those scientific facts, think about what a scale might really represent for you.  If you feel overweight, if you believe you’re overweight, if you know you’re overweight, if “overweight” is your state of being, I can guarantee you that all a scale will ever do is confirm those things for you.

Your Scale, Literally, Reflects What You Expect It to Reflect

And, of course, once a scale confirms those things for you, your habitual thoughts and beliefs of “I am overweight” are only solidified.  Which has the unfortunate side effect of making those habitual patterns of thought and belief all the more real for you.  They become an even greater part of your individual universe – your individual reality.

What’s the antidote?  Throw your scale away if you have similar feelings about it to what I did.  Banish your scale as part of your weight-loss routine.  Instead, rely on how you feel and change the stories you’re telling yourself about your eating, your exercise, and your body.  By telling the best possible, believable stories you can.

Set yourself free.  Give yourself a chance to believe and see a new reality.  Feel and see the difference it makes for your weight loss.

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques to use quantum physics to lose your unwanted weight…

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  Have you listened to the Matt and Phil Show on Blog Radio?

If you  have, I have exciting news about next Tuesday, August 7th.  And if you haven’t, I have exciting news for you about next Tuesday, August 7th too!

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“Matthew David O’Grady and Phil Giuliano present a Law of Attraction (LOA) show to inspire and uplift listeners. Matt and Phil explore what LOA really is, how to understand it and how to use it consciously to create happiness in the life you desire…”

“What is the scientific proof of the LOA?  Can quantum physics explain how LOA works? How can we use a better understanding of the science behind LOA to improve our lives? Special guest Greg Kuhn will help us answer these vital questions!”

Be there with Matt, Phil, and me as we lay down all the coolest new science of quantum physics and the law of attraction.  And we’ll even talk about how you can use this amazing, precise science to lose your unwanted weight.

Here is the link to the Matt and Phil LOA Show again.

And, oh yeah.  I might have forgotten to mention that it airs Tuesday, August 7th at 7:30 PM! 😉

Stay tuned to this blog for more information about quantum physics and how to use it to finally lose your unwanted weight…

If I Can Do This, Believe Me, You Can Do Even Better!

  In 1996, when my first son was born, my weight had ballooned to about thirty pounds over what I weighed in college.  I was very unhappy about it.

And all this while I was trying lots of diets and exercising regularly.

Are We Simply Destined to Accept Our “Fate” and Fall Apart as We Age?

I had friends, my age and older, who implied that my weight gain was “just what happens to people as they get older”.  In other words, “Get used to it, Greg…there’s nothing you can do about it…it happens to everybody”.  I loved my friends, but I did not want to accept their advice!

I had been writing with my dad, Clifford Kuhn, M.D. (aka The Laugh Doctor) about humor and its role in healing, health, and personal productivity.  And I had just gotten tipped off on an amazing science called quantum physics.  So, instead of giving up and giving in, I became determined to research science and discover a way of living that would allow me to feel good about a healthy body.  Rather than find a “diet plan”, I made it my business to find a new way of life through quantum physics.

There Had to Be a Way and I Was Determined to Find It

And find it I did.  I wasn’t able to assemble all the pieces right off the bat; I ran into a lot of dead-ends and roadblocks along the way.  But at each “wrong turn” I redoubled my efforts and went back to my research into quantum physics.  Along the way I not only lost my unwanted weight and learned to keep it off with relatively little stress, but I also uncovered new paradigms from quantum physics upon which I now base my life.

And, oh, what a difference those new paradigms make!

That’s me in the photo, by the way, watching my son jump into the pool.  No more spare tire and I’ve enjoyed my healthy body and desired weight now since 1997.  I’m 45 years old and, believe it or not, feel great about taking my shirt off at the pool!

You Know What Happens When You Change Your Beliefs?  You Start Seeing Yourself Differently and Your Capacity Grows!

A few years ago, I began to branch out as an author and write about these new paradigms.  My first book (the first in a series) uses these new paradigms from quantum physics to address the challenge of losing unwanted weight.  I am very excited that you are interested in this topic, and motivated to try these new paradigms in your life, because I know they will work for you too!

Why do I know this?  Because these paradigms are not based upon any pie-in-the-sky philosophies, nor are they based on a strict diet (because no diet will work forever).  These paradigms are based upon nothing less than the most accurate and reliable science ever created.

When you truly apply these paradigms, your failure to lose your unwanted weight will be as unnatural as the sun rising on the Western horizon.  That just can’t happen because its scientifically “impossible”!

Because, believe me, I am no master of will power and I am no more special than you.

Stay tuned to this blog for more advice, tips, and techniques…

How Sir Issac Newton Keeps You from Losing Weight

    The last blog entry spoke to why you should care about paradigms.

Now it’s time to answer two additional questions: Are you a candidate for new paradigms?  And how do you know if you should improve your life by adopting new paradigms?

It should be noted that your current paradigms are neither “right” or “wrong”, in the sense that they are simply the fishbowl in which you are swimming.  Your paradigms are your filter, or lens, for interpreting and making sense of the world.

If you are like the vast majority, you are probably using paradigms which come from the science of the first scientific revolution.  That being said, using the paradigms from the first scientific revolution does not make you “unenlightened” or a simpleton.  They are the paradigms you were taught and they jibe with conventional wisdom (because “everybody else” believes the same).

Let’s start answering this entry’s two questions this way – have you ever been frustrated by your inability to attain or achieve a goal?  You will benefit from new paradigms if you, like many others, have been unable to achieve a goal (like losing weight, having more money, finding a soulmate, finding a satisfying career/job, being a better student, etc.) despite:

  1. Finding a good plan/good directions to follow
  2. Following those plans diligently

If you’re like most people who’ve found attaining a personal or professional goal (or two) remains just out your grasp, you have probably followed a familiar path:

  • You undoubtedly followed a good plan, formula, or method (taught by properly credentialed people) to attain your goal(s).
  • When your hard work didn’t pay off,  you probably spent some time blaming yourself or feeling like some version of a “loser” (because you couldn’t “make it work” like the expert(s) told you it would).
  • Then you  most likely sought out another good plan, formula, or method to attain your goal(s) (which also, ultimately, didn’t work).
  • And the cycle repeated itself.  You may have even given up, resigning yourself to never attaining your dreamed of results.

If the previous list describes you, even in the slightest way, you will benefit greatly from taking a good,  hard look at new paradigms from quantum physics.  These new paradigms, you will soon find, are not “magical”, but they can seem so.  They are also not “feel-good philosophies” although they can appear to be at first glance.  These new paradigms are, in fact, based upon the most accurate science ever created – quantum physics.

Quantum physics, in fact, is so accurate and precise that physicists like Brian Greene (author of The Elegant Universe) will tell you that we are as close to really understanding how our universe truly functions as is humanly possible.

So, if anything in this blog entry describes how you have ever felt after (once again) failing to accomplish a personal or professional goal, you have come to the right place.  The good news is that you are not a failure; the problem is not you.

If seeking and following good information, working hard, and having great desire to achieve a goal were all it took, you would have already attained those goals which still lay just out of your reach.  You’d already have that fit body you want, the fat bank account, the dream job, the wonderful partner, etc.  But, instead of achieving your goal(s), you have been let down by paradigms which are based upon science that is inaccurate and unreliable.

You have been let down by the old science.  The science of Issac Newton and the first scientific revolution.

But you needn’t spin your wheels any longer.  There is a new science, quantum physics, upon which we can build new paradigms.  New paradigms which reflect the way the universe actually functions.  So that, now, when you seek out those good directions, and apply yourself diligently to them, you will see (for, in some cases, the first time) real results that come very close to matching your dreams.

If this blog entry did not describe you in any way, congratulations.  Your paradigms are working for you and there is no need to examine/change them other than satisfy your own intellectual curiosity.

But if I have described frustration you’ve ever felt regarding an inability to achieve or attain a goal, then I hope you’ve answered the two questions at the beginning of this post for yourself.  And I hope you are feeling very optimistic about yourself and your future – you have very good reason to!

Stay tuned as we begin to look at new paradigms in greater detail…