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How a Conscious Creator UnKnowingly Creates Someone Else’s Failures

change  As a conscious creator, how influential can you be?  Can you make someone else be successful?  Conversely, can you make someone fail? (Click that link to Tweet it)

Well…No.  And yes.

You and Your Friend Are, At Your Essence, the Same, But Your Physical Bodies are Unique

Each person is her own, unique time-space event.  Her distinct body serves as a vessel for her consciousness, just as yours’ does for you.  She decides what her beliefs are about herself and what her state of being is.

She creates her own reality, her own universe, just as you do for yourself.

But its also true that there is no such thing as a “detached observer”.  You know…the concept of the scientist watching test subjects while hidden behind a one-way mirror, objectively recording the data she sees?  Doesn’t exist.

Quantum physics tells us, after all, that an observer is just as much a part of the outcomes as the things she is observing. (Click that link to Tweet it) Simply by observing, she, literally, becomes part of the outcome.

Or, to state if more accurately, her expectations become part of the outcome.

“Painting” Someone Doesn’t Work, It Just Makes Them Angry

And when it comes to other people, while we can’t necessarily change them like painting a room a new color, we can change our perceptions and experiences of them.  We can see a different person in our own individual universe (which is a quantum physics concept).

So be careful of the stories you tell about others – especially the important people in your life.  Those stories create your beliefs about them.  Those beliefs create your expectations of them.  And those expectations command the quantum field what to manifest for you to experience.

And, in addition to creating your own personal experiences of another person, your beliefs about her can also affect her beliefs about herself (if she lets them).

You are powerful indeed.  Wield that power wisely!

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to more greatly align your life with your desires…


How to Enjoy Mopping the Kitchen Floor and Change Your Day in the Process

  When was the last time you ate at a sumptuous buffet?  With the choice to fill your plate with whatever foods you want, did you head for the food that you don’t like and ladle it onto your plate?

Did the stewed okra catch your eye?  Fill your plate with lima beans?  Take two huge servings of brussel sprouts?

Of course not.  While you probably didn’t load your plate with nothing but bacon, pastries, and banana pudding, I’ll bet you focused on foods you enjoy.

Isn’t It Wonderful to Skip the Brussel Sprouts?

Isn’t that the appeal of a buffet, after all?  You have the freedom to choose – and skip over what you don’t enjoy in favor of what you like and want.

Aren’t we lucky then, that each day we’re alive is a buffet?  With each moment, we are offered the same freedom to choose.  To choose to tell ourselves stories about (assign meaning to) our life that feel bad and keep us separated from the experiences we desire.  Or to tell stories that feel good and align us with the experiences we want.

No, you don’t necessarily have choice over all your actual experiences; picking and choosing each experience you have is not what makes life a buffet, because most of us don’t have that much influence no matter how long we’ve practiced creating our own reality.  What makes life a buffet is the choice you have regarding the story you tell about (the meaning you assign to) each life experience.

You Don’t Have to Pretend to Like Anything to Take Advantage of Life’s Buffet

Does this mean that you should pretend to like things you don’t?  Perhaps you aren’t thrilled to be mopping the kitchen floor or you’re not excited to be staying late at the office to finish some paperwork – should you be acting like you’re loading your plate with tasty roast beef from the buffet line?


But alternatively, do you have to say, “Mopping the floor sucks and I hate this!” or “I am so mad I’m here at the office late and this has ruined my evening!”?  Who made those rules?  And why do you often act as if you have to follow them?

Life is a buffet because you get to chose the stories you tell.  Why not say, “Although I’m not necessarily overjoyed to be mopping this floor, I am glad that my family and I will get to enjoy a clean kitchen” or “Maybe I’d rather be doing something other than this paperwork right now, but I am grateful I have this job and I feel good about doing it well.”

Given the abundant choices surrounding you today, try these kinds of stories and see what an amazing difference they make.  And stay tuned to this blog for more about how to tell new stories and create a more desirable reality…

Switchfoot: The Best Rock Band For Deliberate Creators?

  Is Switchfoot the best rock  group to inspire your deliberate creation?  If you haven’t listened to their music, give them a try and see if you agree that their songs set the mood for creating a more pleasing personal reality.

Switchfoot began as a Christian rock group in 1996 and, after releasing three CDs aimed at that audience, began to market themselves more broadly.  The members of Switchfoot voice disagreement about the label “Christian rock band”, however.  “For us, it’s a faith, not a genre,” frontman Jon Foreman says. “We’ve always been very open and honest about where the songs are coming from. For us, these songs are for everyone. Calling us ‘Christian rock’ tends to be a box that closes some people out and excludes them, and that’s not what we’re trying to do. Music has always opened my mind—and that’s what we want”.

Writer Andrew Beaujon, of Spin Magazine, says that “their lyrics often have two different meanings, one meaning for a Christian audience and one meaning for the rest of us. They try to relate to two different groups of people at once.”

 We Are Spiritual Beings Having a Physical Experience

One of Switchfoots recurring lyrical themes is that we are not material beings and that the material aspects of life are not what’s most important or most real.  In their song, “4:12” from the CD, “Oh! Gravity”, Foreman sings:

“You’re waiting tables and parking cars
You’ve been selling cell phones at the shopping mall
And you began to believe that all you are is material
It’s nonsensical”

Or, as sung, in their song, “Rise Above It”, from the CD, “Vice Verses”:

“I don’t care what they’re telling me
We could be what we want to be”

This theme is consistently found throughout their work; the Christian themes are easily identified in Switchfoot’s songs, yet the listener is also able to glean a definitive spiritual message from them as well – devoid of specific religious proselytizing.  The primacy of our non-physical energy is front and center on many of Switchfoot’s songs.

 Switchfoot Can Uplift Your Outlook and Inspire Your Creative Abilities

Additionally, Switchfoot tends to write very uplifting and optimistic songs.  Not just because they write about love, forgiveness, the choices we have with our perspectives, and the importance of our beliefs, but also because their take on subjects such as loss and pain are usually treated with a deliberate creator’s approach.

Switchfoot’s songs usually stress that, since we do not hold the perspective to define our life’s circumstances definitively, there is no need to despair or give up in the aftermath of seemingly bad events.  Their songs also encourage the listener to look for the inherent blessings in any situation, espousing the belief that if we look for ways to be grateful for our present circumstances, we will usually find things to be grateful for.

As Jon Foreman sings on “Always” from the CD, “Hello Hurricane”:

“Every breath is a second chance.”

Give Switchfoot a listen and see if you are inspired both by their upbeat musical arrangements and their  introspective lyrics.  And please share your picks for bands that can inspire deliberate creators.