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What Do Bad Feelings Mean for a Deliberate Creator?

Feelings  Do you have days when you’re feeling down or bad?  Sometimes for seemingly no real reason at all?

I do.

Getting dressed yesterday, my brain was telling me:

  • “You’re a fraud, Greg”
  • “No one will buy your books!”
  • “Who do you think you are?  You’re a nobody”

My (Sometimes) Grumpy Brain Occasionally Wishes It Still Had Control Over My State of Being

Those were my feelings yesterday morning.  Those also happen to be some of the beliefs I used to have – so I’m well acquainted with those feelings.  They used to be some of my habitual patterns of thought.  I told myself those stories repeatedly for years until they had become some of my “truths”.

Until I learned how and why to use new paradigms from quantum physics to build new beliefs.

And I’ve been using those new paradigms, telling myself better-feeling stories, for over five years now.  Technically, what I’ve been doing is telling myself the best-feeling, believable stories possible for over five years.  Just what I teach you to do in my Why Quantum Physicists… series of books.

While I’m Not Supposed to Be “In Control” of My Feelings (They Simply Are What They Are), I Am In Control of My Beliefs

Hence, my beliefs have changed.  Converse to my feelings yesterday, which I still feel from time to time, I now believe:

  • “I am immensely worthwhile”
  • “People love my books.  Because they are written with an infusion of love for you and an extreme desire to uplift and enhance your life”
  • “I am an amazing and valuable person – just as I believe you to be”

So, today, when I have those bad feelings I described earlier, I simply acknowledge and validate them.  They are temporary; they are not my state of being and do not reflect my new, true beliefs about myself.  They also no longer frighten me because I know they are not my beliefs unless I choose to make them so by repeating and believing them.

Bad Feelings No Longer Form Links In An Unbreakable and Binding Chain

I know that feelings aren’t meant to be stuffed or denied.  They are meant to be felt.  And depersonalized.  And doing that takes away their power; they are no longer links in an unbreakable chain.  My feelings are simply my feelings – I am in charge of what my beliefs are. And I take charge of my beliefs via the best-feeling, believable stories I tell myself each day. (Click those links to Tweet them)

So yesterday, although they weren’t wonderful, I simply felt those feelings and acknowledged them.  And I also felt a warm glow of confidence that my beliefs are still, and always, my choiceI choose to have beliefs today which align me with my desires. (Click that link to Tweet it) And I choose to be in charge of those beliefs through the stories I tell myself each day.

How about you?

Stay tuned to this blog for more techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics…


The Biggest Problem Your Current Beliefs About Your Brain are Causing You

  Which one should matter more to someone who wants to lose unwanted weight?  Your mind or your brain?

“Aren’t they the same?”, you ask.  Good question.  Sometimes the two terms are used interchangeably, but if you’re wanting to lose unwanted weight you should know the difference.

The Most Famous Neurosurgeon You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The famous Canadian neurosurgeon, Dr. Wilder Penfield, is famous for having done seminal research upon the human brain.  You may not have heard his name, but you’re no doubt familiar with all the parts of the brain he discovered and identified.  The motor cortex, the sensory cortex, “left brain”, and “right brain” are but some of Dr. Penfield’s contributions to neurology.

Perhaps Dr. Penfield’s Most Amazing Day in the Lab

There is a story you need to know about Dr. Penfield’s research if you want to finally lose your unwanted weight.  It occurred during his experimentation on the motor cortex.

Dr. Penfield had a research subject whose brain was exposed.  As he stimulatined a part of his subject’s brain with a light electrical charge, Dr. Penfield was amazed that his subject suddenly moved his arm.

“What just happened?”, Dr. Penfield asked his subject.

“My arm moved.”, was his subject’s response.

“Did you move it?”, probed the doctor.

“No, it moved on it’s own.”, his subject answered.

“Can you move it?”, asked Dr. Penfield.

“I think so.”, came the answer.  And then his subject proceeded to move his arm back to it’s original position.

Dr. Penfield was rightfully excited to realize that he had just discovered a part of the brain, that, when stimulated by electricity, commanded his research subject’s arm to move.  He had just discovered the motor cortex!  When Dr. Penfield’s electrical stimulus “commanded” that portion of the brain to do so, his subject’s arm was moved automatically.

Additionally, Dr. Penfield noted that his subject had moved his arm back to its original position without the electrical stimulus.  He was motivated by the thought that he would someday discover the portion of the brain where the actual decision to move the arm was made (not just carried out).

Okay…Dr. Penfield Found the “Where”, Next He Wanted to Find the “How” and “Why”

And here is where you should start really caring about this story, if you  want to lose unwanted weight:  Dr. Penfield never found the part of the brain where decisions are made!

And do you know why he never found that part of the brain?  It’s because there is no part of your brain where decisions are madeIt doesn’t exist.  In fact, nowhere in your physical body does there exist anything that makes decisions – every single part of your body can only execute, or carry out, decisions.

Yet you make decisions every second of every day, don’t you?  You decided to read this blog post a few moments ago.  You decided to go for a walk instead of plop down in front of the television yesterday evening.  You decided to have a glass of water instead of cola earlier today.  And on and on and on.

So who or what is making those decisions if not your brain?

Who Are “You”?  Inquiring Minds Want to Know

It’s your mind.  Or, put another way, your non-physical energy.  Your mind, or your non-physical energy, is most definitely very real.  And, in fact, since it is your mind from where all your decisions are made, can’t we make a case for the following statement:  Can’t we say that your mind, or your non-physical energy, is more “you” than your physical body (the elegant “tool” which carries out your mind’s decisions)?

The ramifications of this for your weight loss are staggering and of ultimate importance.  Learning to harmonize your physical body (which includes the amazing “tool” we call your brain) with your mind, or your non-physical energy, is something you can learn to do.  In fact, it’s something you must learn to do if you have struggled with an inability to lose your unwanted weight.

You’ve heard this referred to as the mind/body connection and, because of new paradigms from quantum physics, this topic is being discussed and written about more and more.

Luckily for us, quantum physics offers us a doorway into the profoundly important skill of harmonizing your body and your mind.  It’s not complicated and it’s actually fun to learn.

Stay tuned to this blog for methods and techniques which will help you do that…