Who Made Me Sick?

Common cold  I’ve had a cold this week.  (Cue the violins)  Actually a relatively bad cold.

Today, as I’m taking my first true day of resting to recover (my oldest son’s high school bowling team played for the state championship yesterday, but lost, while my second oldest son qualified for the KY state wrestling finals yesterday – I didn’t choose to miss those two events), I’m reflecting on what being sick means.

Am I Responsible for the Bad Things That Happen to Me?

As someone who firmly believes that my outside reality is created by by internal belief system, did I “want” to be sick?  And that leads to a larger question: do I “make” bad things happen to me?

With a resounding “no”, I want to firmly state that I do not believe that we “make” bad things happen to us.  First of all, what good will come from such a belief?  Only self-blame and beating myself up.

Secondly, new paradigms from quantum physics do not cue us to blame ourselves for our misfortunes. (Click on that link to Tweet it) Rather, they allow us to take responsibility for how we frame our unwanted events and how we move forward productively from that point forward.

My Story About Being Sick

I do believe that my sickness is a physical response to my energy.  Perhaps I allowed too much stress to accumulate.  Perhaps my body just said, “Greg, you need some rest”.  Whatever the reason, it is what it is.

What I can do, however, is listen to my body and accept that it’s okay to take a break and recover physically.  And, by accepting it, I can make sure that I don’t make matters worse, I can move on, and I can take better care of my body moving forward.

And, actually, with a better-feeling story, I can enjoy the opportunity to take a break and rest.

We don’t make the unwanted things happen.  And we do have freedom to tell our own story about them – one that doesn’t make us feel like a failure and lower our self-worth. (Click that link to Tweet it) I hope you are doing the same today with any unwanted experiences you’re having.

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to improve your life…


One response to “Who Made Me Sick?

  1. I like this quote. Thanks, Momma

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