Why Is He Miserable? Here is the Answer

  Do you know someone miserable?  I do.

He is occasionally short-tempered, often acts arrogantly, and sometimes speaks condescendingly.  He complains a lot; something is almost always wrong and it’s usually someone else’s fault.  By all appearances he is incredibly unhappy.

Can you imagine what it’s like to live inside his head?  What horrid and bad-feeling stories has he told himself for so long that they’ve become his beliefs?  He’s at the bottom of a deep well, buried in negative beliefs, and sees no way out.

In his mind, the only way he can escape his prison of unhappiness is for things outside of himself to conform to his plans.  “If only things would go the way I want them to, I would be okay” or “If only people would treat me the way I want them to, I would be happy”, he constantly thinks.  He is a victim in the truest sense of the word.

He doesn’t have a clue that his beliefs create his material reality – his life.  And he has no idea that he has created his beliefs through his habitual thoughts.  His overriding belief that he needs things outside himself to change (to be happy) is a result of a total lack of understanding about how each of us creates our world.

He could be free of his self-made prison today by taking responsibility for forming new beliefs.  He could form new beliefs by learning to tell himself better stories, which, over time, will form new neural pathways of habitual thought and, thus, create a new universe for him.  Instead he continues to plow the same old ground and, until he makes these changes, will always see the same repetitive, negative, displeasing, “out-of-order” universe.

Like the movie, Groundhog Day, this person is in a rut.  And the only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth of the hole.

Yes, I know this person very well.  Years ago, I used to see him in the mirror each morning.

Do you know this person too?  If you do, do yourself a favor and set yourself free.  The prison was self-created and has only been in your mind.  And if you do know this person, stay tuned to this blog for your parole papers!


2 responses to “Why Is He Miserable? Here is the Answer

  1. If you only new how timely this blog is….thanks…I’m not articulate enough to express what is going on in my head, but the feeling of being trapped deep in hole is a good place to start. I once walked tall, I made a lot of money, I had the world by the ass, as my Father would say. Now, due to Parkinson’s Disease and a series of bad decisions I find myself financially broke, physically broken, and alone. I’m standing on a number line at 0, looking to the left. I know I need only to turn 180 degrees, but for some reason that turn is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

    • I’ve been there too, Mark. Not with Parkinson’s, but inside that deep hole just the same.

      You know there is no magic wand we can wave, but I’m glad to have connected with you this morning. Because the way out of that hole is real and it’s available to us all.

      You are not alone, by the way. If you want to reach out some more, I’d be glad to keep the conversation going via email. Just click the “About/Contact” link near the top of this blog and you’ll see my email address.

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