Because Many LOA Folks Have Inquired…

  Many people who’ve expressed interest in Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat also are interested in the law of attraction (because there is a lot of similarity and overlap between the two).

If this describes you, please let me introduce you to two very good friends of mine.

Laura Gevanter (Twitter handle: @Lauragev) is the founder of Present Tense Coaching, is a Law of Attraction Coach, and the radio host of Life in The Present Tense.  (Hint…I’m going to be on Laura’s radio show on September 5th at 3 PM)

Matthew David O’Grady (Twitter handle: @MatthewDOGrady) is a  Law of Attraction Business Coach who teaches how to expand your business and your life, motivating, inspiring and creating positive results.  (Hint…I was a guest on Matt’s radio program, The Matt and Phil LOA Show.)

These two amazing teachers have formed a Law of Attraction Mastermind Program that I’m very fond of and highly recommend to anyone who studies or reads about the law of attraction.

Please check it out with.

And stay tuned to this blog for more information about using new paradigms from quantum physics to improve your life…

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