The Other Reason I’m Translating My Book From “English” to “Meow”

This is our other cat, Justice.  He is not quite as big as Katie.

But, as you can see, Justice is not big on being active (he actually sits like this, of his own accord, all the time).

I’m hoping that he can read my book, once it’s translated.

What do you think?  Does Justice need help?

3 responses to “The Other Reason I’m Translating My Book From “English” to “Meow”

  1. Gorgeous cat!! Just wanted to thank you. I just finished reading my free copy of ” Why Quantom Physicists Don’t Get Fat,” and I am really excited to start changing my stories. At 48, I have been dieting on and off since I was 12 and have dealt with eating disorders as well.
    I recently made avoromise to myself to never diet again after reading all the latest research on just what it does to our bodies. I have spent a lifetime in negarltive self talk and it shows. Your book was an easy and enjoyable read and I am motivated to start talking more kindly to myself.
    I do have a question. I have been exposed to these theorie/laws before and have had a hard time reconciling some things. For example, I am also chronically ill with two of my illnesses being congenital, so basically they are genetic errors I was born with. Ai also have auto-immune issues which run in the family. Yesterday Ivexperimented with changing my story around pain, but how does quantum theory or law of attraction apply to birth defects? Thanks

    • Hello Lynn. Great to hear from you and thank you for the question. Sorry for the delay in my response; I was on vacation last week.

      I hesitate to respond definitely regarding LOA and birth defects, simply because I don’t ever think its helpful to “blame” ourselves for things. Saying that we ought to be able to change things (like a birth defect) by telling ourselves better-feeling, believable stories about them (which is the best, most effective way to engage the law of attraction – just as quantum physics teaches us) sounds too presumptuous to me.

      Can you change a birth defect using these methods? Nothing is impossible. And, in fact, medical research has volumes of data on spontaneous healing (or, healing which is not attributable to traditional medical treatment). In fact, medicine usually ignores such spontaneous healing – for a variety of reasons.

      One thing I am certain of, however, is that you (or anyone else) can change the meaning your birth defect has for you by telling yourself better-feeling, believable stories about it. When you do this you will be changing your beliefs about your birth defect and the universe will respond automatically to your new beliefs.

      In this manner, you can expect with clear certainty that you will experience different material manifestations regarding your birth defect.

      So, can you “cure” yourself (can you make your birth defect “disappear”)? Of that I am not certain. But I am certain that you can change your material reality concerning your birth defect and, thus, “change” your birth defect (in real practice). In other words, your birth defect may still “be there”, but how it manifests in your life, how it affects you, will be different. If you faithfully follow the simple steps you’ve learned from my book, you can expect this difference to be more and more positive as you continue to practice the steps.

      So this method, as I hope I’ve been able to explain clearly, actually does act as a “magic wand” – in its own way.

      • Thanks. One of my biggest problems with law of attraction has been that some use it to say ” this person chose to live in poverty.” Or you are what you think and that has never sat right with me. Too many babies are born sick!! And I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live in poverty. Who knows maybe some just use it as an excuse not to help others.
        I do believe how I think about my conditions is critical to how I feel and just this morning my acupuncture doc commented on what a good mood I was in. I told him I am really working on my self talk and stories and he said “It sure is working!”
        I also wanted to say I love using “unwanted weight” rather than FAT.
        When I am in a lot of pain I have been saying “I sure am looking forward to feeling better.” That works and is easier to swallow than “I feel great”
        So thanks again. Looking forward to more blog posts!

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