Free is Best…And You Should Act Fast for this Freebie!

Mark your calendar!  Spread the word!  My book, Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat (Kindle edition) will be FREE all next week (8/20 – 8/24).

100% free all week!

Last Saturday my wife and I went to see an amazing talent, singer Brandi Carlile and her talented band.

Our sons were all in different states, so we had the evening to ourselves.  A lot of fun!  And I think the young ladies in the background were having fun too.

I think it’s important to occasionally show you a recent photo of myself.

Since I’m telling you, in this blog, how to use quantum physics to lose unwanted weight you should be able to view the results I am personally getting.  I was once 194 pounds (in 1996) and have been at about 165 pounds since 1997.  For reference, I am currently 45 years old and am 5’11”

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques about using quantum physics to finally lose your unwanted weight…


2 responses to “Free is Best…And You Should Act Fast for this Freebie!

  1. I am reading your book now and I think I want to teach others at some point
    Your book is clear with a good understand of what I have been looking for.
    I have all of Doreen’s books and that is why I purchased this one.

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