Why Eating Donuts and Pizza Aren’t the Real Reason You Have Unwanted Weight

  Last week I conducted a quantum experiment on myself where I re-tested the quantum effects of how I feel about my body, my eating, and my exercise.  Call it a mind/body experiment.  The results were posted here.

I Tried to Love All the Donuts and Pizza With Every Bite I Took

When I started this experiment, I told myself, as I ate each donut, “I love this donut!  I relish this donut!” (Not “I shouldn’t be eating this”).  I did the same thing with the pizza.  This is one of the techniques I teach in my book, Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat.  And I did feel good about the donuts and pizza.

For about a day and a third.

By the second day, I no longer really believed those stories; I didn’t believe that many donuts and that much pizza were actually “good” for me (who would?).  I kept eating them, of course, only because that was part of my quantum experiment.

Why I Couldn’t Actually “Love” Them for Very Long

But I tell you about this because what I teach you is that telling the right stories about food is an integral part of Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat.  I want to emphasize that simply telling good, better-feeling stories about food isn’t enough if I don’t actually believe those stories!  Just like with any positive story (or affirmation) I tell myself, I have to really believe it for it to work.

And I did the same thing with my lack of exercise during my experiment.  I told myself, “It’s okay to not be exercising.  I can keep my body primed just by feeling good about it.”  But, as with my donut and pizza fest, after a day and a half, I just didn’t believe that story any more (because, again, would would?).

So, consequently, because I didn’t actually believe those good, better-feeling stories I was telling myself about my eating and lack of exercise, I began to “feel” fat.  Just as I described in my original post about the experiment.

My Return to “Thin” Was Not About a Spartan Diet or a Ramped-Up Exercise Schedule

Now, many days later, I am completely back to feeling thin.  So, as quantum physics dictates, I also see “thin” in the mirror and on the scale (although I don’t actually use scales…more about that in a later post).  Because I believe I am “thin” again, I am thin again.  That’s how the universe works.

Why does it sound so simple?  Because, basically, it is so simple.  If you really learn to focus on the right things, your beliefs and the stories you tell yourself, in the right ways.

During the last five days, after all, I did not go on some spartan diet to gain my “thin” back.  I still ate ice cream each night.  I still ate cheese and bacon three-egg omelets for breakfast.  I still ate cashews as a mid-day snack.  All my regular eating (no “dieting”)

And I didn’t do extra exercise during the last five days either.  My running routine would not qualify as “workout warrior” material!  I jog at a reasonable pace (one that a serious runner would probably scoff at) for around two miles a day, four to five days a week. I concentrate on picking up my knees on each step (rather than shuffling my feet), I stay in the present moment (instead of thinking about “being finished”), and I focus on how good it feels to work my lower body and raise my heart rate.  All my regular exercise (no “killing” myself).

How I Became “Thin” Again in My Mind (Where It Always Has to Happen First)

So the return to “thin” was all quantum.  Just as the feeling “fat” had been.  Because how “fat” could I have become, really, after only four-plus days of my bad diet and non-exercise?  Even though the diet was really bad, I only ate it for four-plus days.  And I only abstained from exercise for five days.  I wasn’t “actually” fat, I just felt that way and, thus, felt “fat” and saw “fat” in the mirror.

I hope you can sense the power quantum physics has for reforming your body.  It’s true that, just as I did back in 1996, you probably do have quite a bit of weight to lose.  You have undoubtedly been feeling and seeing “fat” for years, so you won’t be feeling and seeing “thin” in a couple days.  But, also like me, the process of finally losing your unwanted weight using quantum physics will work exactly like what I’ve described in this experiment.

Stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques about using quantum physics to finally lose your unwanted weight…


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