Tonight’s the Night (Everything’s Gonna Be Alright)!

  Have you listened to the Matt and Phil Show on Blog Radio?

If you  have, I have exciting news about next tonight.  And if you haven’t, I have exciting news for you about next tonight too!

I will be Matt and Phil’s featured guest next tonight at 7:30 PM (EST) and I want you to tune in to hear the interview/call-in!

Simply click the following link to go the Matt and Phil Show tonight at 7:30 PM (EST).

The Matt and Phil Show, by the way, is one of the leading blog radio law of attraction programs in the nation, regularly getting thousands of listeners.  Phil, for example, has over 68,000 followers on Twitter – so this is show “is kind of a big deal” (to quote Anchorman)!

“Matthew David O’Grady and Phil Giuliano present a Law of Attraction (LOA) show to inspire and uplift listeners. Matt and Phil explore what LOA really is, how to understand it and how to use it consciously to create happiness in the life you desire…”

“What is the scientific proof of the LOA?  Can quantum physics explain how LOA works? How can we use a better understanding of the science behind LOA to improve our lives? Special guest Greg Kuhn will help us answer these vital questions!”

Be there with Matt, Phil, and me as we lay down all the coolest new science of quantum physics and the law of attraction.  And we’ll even talk about how you can use this amazing, precise science to lose your unwanted weight.

Here is the link to the Matt and Phil LOA Show again.

And, oh yeah.  I might have forgotten to mention that it airs tonight at 7:30 PM! 😉

Tomorrow I’ll post an update on my quantum experiment.  Stay tuned to this blog for more information about quantum physics and how to use it to finally lose your unwanted weight…


One response to “Tonight’s the Night (Everything’s Gonna Be Alright)!

  1. I really enjoyed your time on the Matt & Phil show tonight! I would love a chance to read your book – Is the Law of Attraction Real. You can email me at Thanks again! ~Elisabeth

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