How to Make Raw Vegetables Taste as Good as McDonald’s French Fries

  In my last blog entry I wrote about how the stories you tell yourself about every person, place, thing, or circumstance create their meaning and value to you.  The stories you tell about things make them “good” or “bad” for you.  Experiences do not come to you in a pre-existing state of “good” or “bad” (you get to decide). (Click that link to Tweet it)

Certainly there are people, places, things, and circumstances which are more challenging to label “good” (and, conversely, to label “bad”), but that does not mean the choice is still not yours to label them such.

I Tell Stories About My Food?  What Does This Mean, For a Person with Unwanted Weight?

So, when it comes to weight loss, what does this mean for you?  How can you lose more weight by using this knowledge?

Since it’s important to feel good about anything you do (if you want that action to have the desired positive impact), as a person who wishes to lose unwanted weight it’s important for you to begin telling yourself good-feeling stories about the actions you’re taking.  If you want those actions to have positive impact upon your weight-loss efforts, that is.

And I assume you do.  Otherwise, why would you undertake any weight-loss actions in the first place?

How to Change Your Stories and Make Carrots Taste as Good as French Fries (Eventually)

My best advice on this subject is not to try telling yourself unbelievably good-feeling stories to begin with.  Especially if you’ve been telling yourself bad-feeling stories about that action for a long while.

In other words, if you’ve been telling yourself bad-feeling stories about eating certain healthy foods (like, “Raw vegetables are kinda yucky…I really don’t like them.”), it will not be believable to start telling yourself, “I LOVE raw vegetables and I don’t even want to eat fried foods any more!”  That’s not realistic and won’t actually feel good to you (because you won’t really believe it).

Instead, simply choose a better feeling story to begin.  Such as “Even though I don’t really love the taste of raw vegetables (compared to fried food), I do enjoy the knowledge that I am loving my body by eating them and nourishing it in a very healthy way.”

You might even add something like, “And I can believe that, over time, I can learn to enjoy the taste of raw vegetables a lot more than I do now.  If I simply stick to eating them and telling myself these better-feeling stories about them (instead of the bad-feeling ones I had been telling myself)”.

How Long Do I Have to Wait Until Carrots Taste as Good as French Fries?

Try this technique today with some aspect of your weight-loss efforts and give yourself a few days before you make a judgment about its effectiveness.  I promise you that, given a little time, you will find yourself feeling better, more positive, about that action.  When you feel better about your actions, your results will be much more positive. (Click that link to Tweet it)

It’s the law of our universe.  Nothing less than quantum physics, the most precise and accurate science ever created, guarantees this for you!

And when you’re ready to take your storytelling to a new level, finally losing your unwanted weight by making full use of these techniques and more, make a small investment in yourself today.

Stay tuned for more tips and techniques about quantum physics and weight loss…


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