Why a Moment of Feeling Like You’re Going to Vomit Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

  Here’s a specific weight loss action I’ve been taking for about six years.  I feel great about it, so it has a wonderfully positive effect upon my weight management.  I drink a gallon of water every day.

I Didn’t Need to “Keep My Ass Alive”, But I Did Want It To Stay Small

It started when a friend of mine showed me a book called “98 Degrees: Keeping Your Ass Alive”.  That book is about survival in extreme situations, but had something in it you might find interesting.

The author claimed that the only way to actually hydrate your body is to drink so much water, at one time, that you force your stomach to bypass digesting it and release it into your intestinal tract (where, he wrote, it is absorbed directly into your body).   He said that, to do this, you  drink water until you feel like throwing up (you’ll feel that way briefly, he said, until your stomach releases the water).

I can’t vouch for the medical/scientific accuracy of the author’s statements, but I can tell you that I was curious enough to try it.

You Seriously Chugged Water Like That?  Were You Crazy or Just Curious?

The very first time I did it (about six years ago) I experienced everything he described.  I could even clearly feel it when my stomach released the water into my intestines!

What I’ve found from following this practice is that my intestines get “flushed” on a daily basis.  I can also report that, since I’ve been doing this every day for the last six years, I have only been ill a few times (literally), my hair and nails grow faster, my urine is usually very clear (a sign of proper hydration), and I do not experience pangs of thirst during the day.  I’m convinced enough about the practice that it is a daily part of my weight loss “actions” (that I feel very good about – an important point!).

How I Keep the Louisville Water Company in Business

Yes, believe it or not, for the past six years, each day, I drink a gallon of water.  Every day, unless I’m stopped by unavoidable circumstances (I’ve even figured out ways to do it when making long car trips and don’t want to stop to pee every 40 minutes).  And I make a point to drink the gallon quickly, chugging at least a large portion of it to experience the “too full” phenomenon I described earlier.

I have greatly enjoyed the results – obviously enough to make the practice part of my everyday routine.  It’s a fairly non-invasive, easy-to-do part of my routine, too.  Each day I fill up a gallon jug and chug it.

Perhaps you might give this a try and see if you like the results too.  I just finished today’s gallon and I feel great!

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques about using quantum physics to finally lose your unwanted weight…


2 responses to “Why a Moment of Feeling Like You’re Going to Vomit Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

  1. This is *very* bad advice! Drinking too much water can cause your kidneys to lose their ability to concentrate urine and can adversely affect brain and gastorintestinal health. Drink what you need to stay hydrated and no more.

    • Thomas, thank you for stopping by and weighing in.

      First, I have asked physicians about drinking water like this and have never been given any reasons to avoid it.

      Second, I’ve been doing this for almost 11 years and never had a problem. In fact, since I have been doing it I rarely get sick, my skin is young and healthy, my weight doesn’t increase, my hair grows super fast, etc.

      I’m NOT saying that these things are directly attributable to my drinking so much water, by the way. But they are all, at least, circumstantial evidence that there are benefits to the practice.

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