If I Can Do This, Believe Me, You Can Do Even Better!

  In 1996, when my first son was born, my weight had ballooned to about thirty pounds over what I weighed in college.  I was very unhappy about it.

And all this while I was trying lots of diets and exercising regularly.

Are We Simply Destined to Accept Our “Fate” and Fall Apart as We Age?

I had friends, my age and older, who implied that my weight gain was “just what happens to people as they get older”.  In other words, “Get used to it, Greg…there’s nothing you can do about it…it happens to everybody”.  I loved my friends, but I did not want to accept their advice!

I had been writing with my dad, Clifford Kuhn, M.D. (aka The Laugh Doctor) about humor and its role in healing, health, and personal productivity.  And I had just gotten tipped off on an amazing science called quantum physics.  So, instead of giving up and giving in, I became determined to research science and discover a way of living that would allow me to feel good about a healthy body.  Rather than find a “diet plan”, I made it my business to find a new way of life through quantum physics.

There Had to Be a Way and I Was Determined to Find It

And find it I did.  I wasn’t able to assemble all the pieces right off the bat; I ran into a lot of dead-ends and roadblocks along the way.  But at each “wrong turn” I redoubled my efforts and went back to my research into quantum physics.  Along the way I not only lost my unwanted weight and learned to keep it off with relatively little stress, but I also uncovered new paradigms from quantum physics upon which I now base my life.

And, oh, what a difference those new paradigms make!

That’s me in the photo, by the way, watching my son jump into the pool.  No more spare tire and I’ve enjoyed my healthy body and desired weight now since 1997.  I’m 45 years old and, believe it or not, feel great about taking my shirt off at the pool!

You Know What Happens When You Change Your Beliefs?  You Start Seeing Yourself Differently and Your Capacity Grows!

A few years ago, I began to branch out as an author and write about these new paradigms.  My first book (the first in a series) uses these new paradigms from quantum physics to address the challenge of losing unwanted weight.  I am very excited that you are interested in this topic, and motivated to try these new paradigms in your life, because I know they will work for you too!

Why do I know this?  Because these paradigms are not based upon any pie-in-the-sky philosophies, nor are they based on a strict diet (because no diet will work forever).  These paradigms are based upon nothing less than the most accurate and reliable science ever created.

When you truly apply these paradigms, your failure to lose your unwanted weight will be as unnatural as the sun rising on the Western horizon.  That just can’t happen because its scientifically “impossible”!

Because, believe me, I am no master of will power and I am no more special than you.

Stay tuned to this blog for more advice, tips, and techniques…


One response to “If I Can Do This, Believe Me, You Can Do Even Better!

  1. Hi Greg – congratulations on losing the weight and keeping it off for so long!

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