Why Mother Goose Never Had a Weight Problem

  My last post was all about how feeling good about your weight loss efforts is actually more important than the efforts themselves.  Quantum physics tells us so.  So now the question begs, “How can I feel good about my weight loss efforts?”

Want to Hear a Story?  Sure You Do; You’ve Been Telling Them to Yourself All Day, After All

To start feeling good enough about your weight loss efforts, and to begin experiencing the weight loss that has been eluding you, the first step is accepting a simple, yet profound, premise.  This premise will make sense, I’ll bet, on a logical level, yet may prove challenging to apply when the “rubber hits the road”.

What I mean by that last statement is that when you are faced with your familiar, old, bugaboos (those experiences that have repeatedly caused you difficulty and challenged you), you will be tempted to revert to your “old habits” (even if you agree with the premise I’m about to reveal).

The premise is as follows.  Please read very carefully:

Nothing, no person, place, thing, or experience, comes to you in a pre-existing state of “good” or “bad”.  It is only the story you tell yourself (the meaning and value you give it) which makes any person, place, thing, or experience “good” or “bad” for you.

What Do You Mean, Nothing is Bad or Good Except for What I Choose to Call It?  Are You Saying I’m Responsible for Feeling Bad About Bad Stuff?

This premise is powerful and offers great freedom.  It can also be easy to dismiss because, when encountering it for the first time, it’s easy to think, “Does this mean that I am the one who is creating all these ‘bad’ feelings and experiences?  That can’t be right!”  Freedom can sometimes feel like a double-edged sword, can’t it?

Once you embrace this premise, however, you will begin to see that you are truly the author of your daily life experiences.  You are choosing the stories (the meaning and value you assign) you tell yourself about every person, place, thing, and experience in your life.  Even though you are encouraged by “conventional wisdom,” and the fact that (seemingly) “everyone else tells the same story”, you are the one and only person who can make something “good” or “bad” for yourself.

If You Can Show Me the “Rulebook” Which Says I MUST Feel Bad About Certain Things That Happen, I’ll Be Glad to Start Doing It

Where is it written that certain people, places, things and experiences must be called “bad”?  And, conversely, where is the rulebook which says that certain people, places, things and experiences must be called “good”?  There is no such rulebook – only what we’ve been taught, what we’ve read, and what we see everyone else doing!

You are free to start telling yourself different stories about the things you are doing right now.  Especially regarding your weight loss efforts.  In my next post I’ll start to discuss how to do that.  Stay tuned…


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