How Being in an Unhappy Marriage Teaches You How to Lose Weight

  Yesterday I shared that feeling good about your weight loss efforts is much more important than the efforts themselves.  Quantum physics definitively proves this for us.

Why Did You Get Married?  To Have Someone to Take Out the Garbage Or To Have Someone to Watch Sunsets With?  They’re Both Important But They’re Also Very Different Benefits

Let me illustrate with an example.

Suppose you have a friend who married her true love.  When she married him, she expected these “results” from her marriage:

  • Having an intimate soul-mate to share her innermost secrets and life journey
  • Having someone who loved her for exactly who she is, warts and all (and, conversely, having someone to love that way in return)
  • Having the wonderful emotional safety and security of living each day with her true life-partner

But, as unfortunately happens sometimes, things have changed.  The man your friend married has changed, life has intruded, and circumstances have arisen to the point where your friend no longer feels good about her husband.

Sometimes Life Takes Funny Turns…How We Respond is the Difference-Maker

If your friend remains married to this man, she will still continue to experience some positive “results”:

  • She has someone to keep her company
  • She has a person to help her with the maintenance/running of the household, with chores, and with errands
  • She has an additional income added to her’s

But these “results” are a far cry removed from what she would get if she felt good about her husband.  They are “practical” results and, while they are still positive, they are not what your friend truly wanted from her marriage.

I hope you’ve never been in this situation, but, even if you haven’t, isn’t it easy to see how radically different the “results” of feeling good versus feeling bad are? It is impossible for your friend to experience the “results” she hoped for (and expected) without feeling good about her husband.

And you can apply the same metaphor to your weight loss efforts.

What Would Happen if You Decided to Do Something Radical Today and Start Feeling Good About Your Weight Loss Efforts?

If you don’t feel good about your weight loss efforts, if they aren’t uplifting, joyful, and celebratory, you will continue to experience half-hearted, less-than-expected results from them.  Common sense tells you this is true and, I can also assure you, quantum physics says this very plainly as well.

And, as you’ve read in my blog, quantum physics is the most accurate and precise science ever created – capable of reliably predicting results such as the ones I’m writing about here.

Take a moment and really listen to your gut – how do you really feel about your weight loss efforts?  And what have been your results?  Do you have the body you truly desire?

Fortunately, you can learn to feel better about your weight loss efforts. (More easily, fortunately, than learning to feel better about a “husband gone wrong”)

In my next blog entry, I’ll discuss some proven ways that you can start feeling very good about your weight loss efforts.  Stay tuned…


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