Why Your Constant Weight Loss Actions are Actually Keeping You Heavy

  The second new paradigm necessary for your weight loss efforts to actually work like you hoped (and you were promised) is the energy paradigm.

The paradigm that the energy one replaces (from the old science) is the action paradigm.

Accomplish More By “Doing” Less?  What a Concept!

The old science said that action was the most important agent for change in our universe.  And the world took notice; the action paradigm arose and took very firm root in every aspect of the industrialized world.

Let’s look at modern weight loss, through the action paradigm.

  • Aren’t you told that if you have unwanted weight, the most important thing to do is take action?  Change your diet, start different exercises, avoid certain foods, eat more of certain foods, etc.?
  • Aren’t you taught that taking those recommended actions will result in predictable outcomes?  Such as losing a certain amount of weight in a certain time-frame?
  • Haven’t you also been told that, if you have unwanted weight, you can trace your weight problem backwards to reveal the specific actions which caused it?  For example: your upbringing probably created emotional baggage which now creates a state of mind where you uncomfortably weigh more than you’d like.

You don’t need me to tell you that the action paradigm is too limited to help you with your weight loss efforts.  You already know that the actions prescribed by weight loss “gurus” have not worked out for you as promised.  And you intuitively understand that your state of mind is too context dependent to be pinned to any specific actions which occurred in your past.

Wait a Minute?  Diet and Exercise Aren’t Important if I Want to Lose Unwanted Weight? Well…Not 100% True, But I’m Glad You Asked!

This is not to say that changing the foods you eat and exercising are bad things; those are very good things to do if you want to lose weight.  And this is not to say that events from your past can’t have an effect upon you today; our experiences reveal that this can certainly be the case sometimes.

But it is certainly true that the action paradigm has not allowed you to effectively enact weight loss programs.  And the reason for this is that the action paradigm is not an accurate description of how the universe really operates!  While containing some elementary truths, this paradigm is far too limited to rely upon as heavily (pun intended) as we have been taught.

The more accurate (and proper) paradigm for you to hold is the energy paradigm.  Just as with the holism paradigm, all you will need to do is follow the same good instructions for weight loss – the difference is that they will actually work this time (and even better than you were ever promised)!

In my next entry, I’ll begin to explain the energy paradigm.  Stay tuned…


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