How Sir Issac Newton Keeps You from Losing Weight

    The last blog entry spoke to why you should care about paradigms.

Now it’s time to answer two additional questions: Are you a candidate for new paradigms?  And how do you know if you should improve your life by adopting new paradigms?

It should be noted that your current paradigms are neither “right” or “wrong”, in the sense that they are simply the fishbowl in which you are swimming.  Your paradigms are your filter, or lens, for interpreting and making sense of the world.

If you are like the vast majority, you are probably using paradigms which come from the science of the first scientific revolution.  That being said, using the paradigms from the first scientific revolution does not make you “unenlightened” or a simpleton.  They are the paradigms you were taught and they jibe with conventional wisdom (because “everybody else” believes the same).

Let’s start answering this entry’s two questions this way – have you ever been frustrated by your inability to attain or achieve a goal?  You will benefit from new paradigms if you, like many others, have been unable to achieve a goal (like losing weight, having more money, finding a soulmate, finding a satisfying career/job, being a better student, etc.) despite:

  1. Finding a good plan/good directions to follow
  2. Following those plans diligently

If you’re like most people who’ve found attaining a personal or professional goal (or two) remains just out your grasp, you have probably followed a familiar path:

  • You undoubtedly followed a good plan, formula, or method (taught by properly credentialed people) to attain your goal(s).
  • When your hard work didn’t pay off,  you probably spent some time blaming yourself or feeling like some version of a “loser” (because you couldn’t “make it work” like the expert(s) told you it would).
  • Then you  most likely sought out another good plan, formula, or method to attain your goal(s) (which also, ultimately, didn’t work).
  • And the cycle repeated itself.  You may have even given up, resigning yourself to never attaining your dreamed of results.

If the previous list describes you, even in the slightest way, you will benefit greatly from taking a good,  hard look at new paradigms from quantum physics.  These new paradigms, you will soon find, are not “magical”, but they can seem so.  They are also not “feel-good philosophies” although they can appear to be at first glance.  These new paradigms are, in fact, based upon the most accurate science ever created – quantum physics.

Quantum physics, in fact, is so accurate and precise that physicists like Brian Greene (author of The Elegant Universe) will tell you that we are as close to really understanding how our universe truly functions as is humanly possible.

So, if anything in this blog entry describes how you have ever felt after (once again) failing to accomplish a personal or professional goal, you have come to the right place.  The good news is that you are not a failure; the problem is not you.

If seeking and following good information, working hard, and having great desire to achieve a goal were all it took, you would have already attained those goals which still lay just out of your reach.  You’d already have that fit body you want, the fat bank account, the dream job, the wonderful partner, etc.  But, instead of achieving your goal(s), you have been let down by paradigms which are based upon science that is inaccurate and unreliable.

You have been let down by the old science.  The science of Issac Newton and the first scientific revolution.

But you needn’t spin your wheels any longer.  There is a new science, quantum physics, upon which we can build new paradigms.  New paradigms which reflect the way the universe actually functions.  So that, now, when you seek out those good directions, and apply yourself diligently to them, you will see (for, in some cases, the first time) real results that come very close to matching your dreams.

If this blog entry did not describe you in any way, congratulations.  Your paradigms are working for you and there is no need to examine/change them other than satisfy your own intellectual curiosity.

But if I have described frustration you’ve ever felt regarding an inability to achieve or attain a goal, then I hope you’ve answered the two questions at the beginning of this post for yourself.  And I hope you are feeling very optimistic about yourself and your future – you have very good reason to!

Stay tuned as we begin to look at new paradigms in greater detail…


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