How to Stop Brushing Your Teeth with Puppy Urine

Do you believe any of the following:

  • Wrapping urine-soaked hose around your neck is a good way to fight off colds.
  • The planets move around in the “universal aether” because they are being pushed by angels.
  • Surgeons should carve holes in skulls to cure migraines, seizures, and mental illness.
  • Beaver testicles can be ground up and mixed with alcohol as a female contraceptive.
  • Mercury, a deadly poison, should be applied externally to cure wounds and consumed internally to cure a wide variety of ailments such as constipation.
  • Bad smells and malodorous vapors cause illness.
  • Women should rub puppy urine on their faces as a beauty treatment (and even brush their teeth with it).
  • Having sexual intercourse under an evergreen tree produces abundant and fertile harvests.

Of course not.  (Well…a few of my friends have tried to convince their spouses of the last one on that list, but they don’t really believe it themselves)

Now Hold On Just a Second There, Buddy!  I Happen to Like Puppy Urine!

But why don’t you believe any of those things?

Because they aren’t true, right?

But during the Middle Ages all of those things I listed were “true”.  Each of those beliefs were accepted as “true” by the vast majority of people.

I’d Like to Think I’m Smarter Than Someone From the Middle Ages.  I Am, Right?

Were the people of the Middle Ages stupid?  Were they primitive?  Gullible?  Naive?

Maybe, but no more than you and I are today.  The people of the Middle Ages believed those things because of their science.

Science creates our paradigms.  And our paradigms create our beliefs. (Click that link to Tweet it)

More later about Middle Age science and how people learned to stop brushing their teeth with puppy urine…


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